Building my first Java


Building my first Java

Im building my first amazon - a lightening javazon. I just have one question - how will i be able to defeat ghost monsters in Helll - Lightening/Physical immune.

Should i go for poison as well or is there another way?

Currently i'm on level 10 (really really just started), but i have had probems with other chars where i have found hell to be a breeze until i met physical immunes with immune against my other attacks too. I just want to make sure i wont put many hours into building a char that gets eaten alive by the first ghost!


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I'm currently lvl 75 in hell act 1.Yes Lightning immune is very ennoying-
I've read the guide - but i would like some more opinions on this matter too-
maybe a bow?


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Witchwild string has the property "fire lvl 20 magic arrows" which makes it a viable option for light/physical imunes.
I have a strafe/lightning zon that works very well in hell. I just put some points in strafe and equipped a wf on switch. Although I dont meet them often I do think that magic arrow can take care of light/physical imunes.
My merc also has reapers toll so most PIs are easy to deal with.


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I'm playing a lightning fury zon (HC) and she is knocking on the ancients door in Hell at level 79. So far lightning immunes have not been a problem they slow me down but they have not hindered progress. I posted here a few weeks ago here asking for some advice on what to do with lightning immunes but I've kind off worked it out for myself.

I am casting Valkarie at level 26 and she kicks butt. My holy freeze merc has got an ethereal balrog armour with Duress runeword in and the crushing blow works a treat. His weapon is some unique balrog spear with 11% life leech and some fire damage. Toss in a decoy every now and again to take the heat off and slow missiles is your friend. This is my two bob and it is working for me fine.

I considered investing in the bow tree but I've not felt the need to.

I'm not too sure about what she'll be like in the Worldstone keep with the gloams though. The only other scary bit was in the City of the Damned. Keep all your resistances maxed. Pindle, Eldritch and Shenk runs are a breeze with her.


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As an update, I've just made my Javazon a Guardian. The ancients were a good battle and only really needed some Full Juvs for my Merc. One of them was lightning resistant but with the crushing blow from Duress my merc whittled them down.

The gloams in Worldstone were troublesome but with some patience, and the use of decoy, my merc and valk cleared them out. Baals minions were mopped up with ease (no LI's apart from Bartuc) and Charged Strike took care of Baal over time.

So overall, if you've got a merc with crushing blow and a high level valkarie lightning immunes are not an issue.

If you're interested I'll let you have my equipment details, I did twink her a little but the majority of my gear was found on her travels. Most people here would laugh at what I used considering some people don't leave home without Shako's, Mara's, SOJ's, Stormshields etc.

Have fun. I did.


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Congrats on the Guardian. I am sure you had fun. That is all that matters.


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2 tips for golms. WWS is great and saves lots of skill points. the second is slow missles. cast and back away, you can easily dodge the lightening from many golms giving time to magic arrow them 1 at a time.