Building my Barbarian


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Building my Barbarian

Hi, I just started playing Diablo 2 again after a fairly long hiatus. I started a barbarian who is now...

Level 53
Base STR: 125
Base DEX: 115
Base VIT: 90

Whirlwind skill is maxed
B.O. is at lvl 5 base, 6 with equipment.

I have really crappy stuff I'm using just so you know.

Now, down to business...

I decided I would base this charcter mainly off the charcter guide located here,

I am in the mind set to have the best possible equipment again so I'm wondering where I should focus my stat points and skills at. I know what to do, get enough DEX to get 75% block, high enough STR to use items and the rest into VIT but I'm wondering how should I go about distributing my points from now on.

Like I said, the best, ideal gear listed on that page is what I am shooting for, so with that in mind where should I stop adding stat points and skill points, etc...

Don't be concerned about me not being able to afford the items I lust after, I know they cost big bucks but I'm more concerned with just building my character right.

So what do you think?


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Hmm is this WW barb strictly PvM Magicfinding/Horking or do you intend to do PvP? Also is he going with swords, axes, etc? For my first ladder PvM mf/horking barb i just attained enuff str (with other gear/charms) to equip SS and that +str from SS allowed me to equip my eth Oath Balrog. It was all 1-2pts per lvl up to dex and rest into vita from then on to maintain max block and gain more life hehe. For PvP axes are the way to go with all that r/ws available :D


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If you gonna use enigma, then stop put points to str. Thats more than enough you have at the moment. You get insane amount str enigma armor. Plus if you use botd weapon you get 30 more all your stats.

Dex depends stuff you use. If you get max block dex you have now and gear you going to use dont add there.

Rest goes vitality for more life.

Energy should be base.


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Yeah, strength seems excessive. I never put more than 81 or so str on a barb, base.