Building a Crossbow zon.


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Building a Crossbow zon.

As I have said in my last mat thread, I am in the process of building a crossbow zon. A freezing arrow/ exploding arrow one.

And as usual, I would like some opinions about gear.

Head: one of my rare circlets.
ammy: Eye of Etlich
Weapon: Gut Siphon.
Armor: Smoke/ Lionheart/ something else
Belt: razortail/ thundergod's
Gloves: ml, 20IAS, kb gloves
Rings: ravenfrost + ml rare ring
Boots: waterwalks

plenty of dual modded cold sc/lc.

Did I miss out something/anything?


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Nice gear, interesting build.

Gut Siphon is pretty fast. I'm not sure if you need razortail since Gut Siphon already has pierce (33). That and a couple of hard points on the skill will suffice imho.

Definitely you will need the resists from smoke, unless you have a lot of resist charms.


If i would make a crossbow zon i would use Buriza or Helrack(if i had one :uhhuh: ) Buriza can easily reach 12 frames and helrack easily 13 frames. Demon crossbows best speed is 11 frames so the elemental damage and physical damage from buriza or helrack would be much better in my opnion
I think he wanted a non-burriza build, because that seems to be the only commonly used crossbow (and was probably the most used weapon of previous patches...)
I think you'll be a bit fragile with the build, but very good offence. It can behard to keep lots of monsters frozen, especially ranged ones who spread out.
Will you be planning to use the chilly arrows most of the time, with exploding really just as a backup to CI or cold resistant monsters?


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I check my damage numbers.

My Crossbow Straferzon with HellRack does at Cl77:

711 - 2296 Strafe Damage
874 - 2747 Strafe Damage + Might Merc
939 - 2830 Strafe Damage + Might Merc + Enchant from Demon Limb.

14793 AR with Enchant.

I wanted to use Hellrack, I think Buriza does more damage and have free piercing but someone must use a noob weapon :D

Colossus Crossbow
Two-Hand Damage: 106 to 303
Required Dexterity: 65
Required Strength: 139
Required Level: 76
Crossbow Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x7e550b0d
+12 to Maximum Stamina
+234% Enhanced Damage
Adds 66-330 fire damage
Adds 63-324 lightning damage
Adds 63-324 cold damage over 1 seconds
Requirements -15%
40% Increased Attack Speed
135% Bonus to Attack Rating
Level 18 Immolation Arrow (150/150 Charges)
Socketed (2: 2 used)

with 95% IAS she attacks at 13/3.5.


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i think buriza with strafe is the best option becouse of 100% piercing and freezing monsters.a highlord is necessary too.