Building a Blizzard


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Building a Blizzard

I've looked at the guides for Blizzard Sorcs on the sorc page, and all of them recommend not having Eshield, and just dumping everything into Blizz, mastery, and synergies. Is this wise for HC? I feel that this will lead to a very quickly dead sorc. Please enlighten me with your experiences...


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Well, you are going to find differing opinions but I wouldnt build a sorc without Max Block and a "good" EShield. The extra damage you get out of pumping all those point into damage is definetly impacting, but is it needed? I guess it all depends on what you want to do with her mainly. If you are looking for a ladder running build and you have the gear to set her up where EShield is less needed then the damage is sure as hell going to speed up the killing. If you plan to MF alot especailly solo without BO then that damage isnt needed as you are in 1-3 man games and the EShield is needed as you wont have that BO/Shout.......Eshield also is rather helpfull when your gear is a bit poor.

One of the things people dislike most about EShield is it can drain your energy and leave you with none, but hell so can mana burn and if you dont know how to juv fast and GTFO of those situations then you wont live long as a Sorc with any build really.

EShield 1 point and 17 invested Telek is what I as you wish.


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Generally speaking, if you plan to run 1-2 player games for MFing, Orb's damage is pretty much on par with Blizz/TK, and it doesn't take quite as many skills, so you have more to dump in Tele, Warmth, Energy Shield, or whatever.

However, if you plan to do a lot of solo Baaling, Blizz/TK is definitely viable, and it's better for taking down minions than Orb/TK, IMO.

Straight Blizz, while effective at killing, isn't nearly as safe as any TK build (obviously), but if you've got good charms and gear, it can be safe enough.

So... if you've got nice charms and gear to work with, go for Straight Blizz. If you're basically untwinking, go for Orb/TK. If you're somewhere in the middle, or you feel like doing 1800 Solo Baal Runs, go for Blizz/TK.


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I built a Blizz/TK sorceress and an Orb/TK sorceress.

For MFing (which I suck at, because I have the attention span of an ADHD goldfish), I'd rather run Orb/TK. It's easier to level, prettier for normal/nm rushing area-clears, no-brainer, and leaves you so much more room for safety.

Treb's right about Orb/TK being easier for the untwinked, but it's also pretty awesome for the 'somewhere in the middle' range (maybe not so much solo Baal runs).

That said, I'll address your original question.

My experience: A fully synergized Blizzard sorceress feels good when stuff dies easily at your feet. A Blizz/TK sorceress feels good when your fully synergized Blizzard sorceress dies easily at stuff's feet.

(go TK)


Like they said above, it really depends on what you are doing. I myself prefer blizz/tk when i'm solo baaling. If you are mfing then full blizz wouldn't be bad especially if your running areas like hell cows, and ancient tunnels. It's up to you though. Blizz/tk ftw!


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My main character at the moment, is my Blizzard/Tk Sorc.

She's never really had a close call to death (life wise.) So I can't say for sure if it's the E-shield or not, but if you're using her to mf with, go with Tk because Blizzard + Ice Blast/Glacial Spike inbetween Blizzards is nasty. You don't *really* need a 5000k damage Blizzard. Mine runs between 2 and 3k depending on my equipment choices.