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[Build] WW/Rend D2 Nostalgic Barbarian for fun and no profit.

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by BaronScarpia, May 18, 2013.

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    Oct 26, 2011
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    Warning: If you like the terms "farming efficiency" and "XP/hour", well, they weren't on my mind when I started this. I'm sharing because I get easily bored with other builds and end up not farming anything. For that reason, this works better for me.

    Warning 2: Yes, I don't have enough coordination to play DT. :)

    1. What is this... thing?

    Before the whole MP thing, I was playing a barb. In fact, I'm playing with this barbarian since my first log in. When I bought D3, I know it wasn't like D2. I know I disliked some stuff. But I'm stubborn. So, I struggled with my barbarian and farmed act 1 for over 150 hours with bad gear and... nothing. The build was, give or take, almost exactly like it is now:

    When I noticed MP 1 wasn't going to happen, I farmed trash and wasted gold with my WD. Among other things, I bought a semi decent Homunculus and Vision of <zero dogs helm> for close to no gold, when the zero dog talking started. I sold them for ~12mi gold and sold some gems to gear this barbarian a couple weeks before 1.0.8.

    2. The character

    This is my barbarian from Diablo 2. In my head (my first barbarian ever on D2 had the same name). For that reason, I wanted him to have the same-ish skills from D2, so we got.

    Concentration: I used Bash, since it just need to look the same. Also, this thing needs a fury generator. I use Onslaught to remove Knockback.

    Whirlwind: replaced with whirlwind. Imo, whirlwind, by itself, is bad. Volcanic Eruption makes it a little better, but not stellar. For that reason, I went with Wind Shear to replicate mana leech.

    War cry, Battle Orders, Shout, Weapon Mastery, Iron Skin, Natural Resistances: War cry/Impunity, Battle Rage, Weapons Master, Ruthless.

    Life tap: Rend (actually, rend helps killing stuff. A lot more than WW.)

    Berserker (for Physical Immunes) and Ravenfrost: WotB. Stuff that takes too long to die are considerd Stone Skin/PI.

    I have a cold soj to mimic decripify from merc, but I'm not using it right now, since I'm farming MP 5-6.

    Essentially, use bash a couple times, keep the auras up, Rend once in a while and WW around until stuff dies. I use Into the Fray and Wind Shear just to not pay atention to resource management, like I did on D2. The whole idea was mimic the playstyle.

    Bloodthirst is there because budget skorn is budget, without LS...

    3. Gear

    The total cost of my gear was 15.549.999 gold without gems (bidding). The extras costed ~550k gold (sojs, BK solemn vow, IK pieces). I crafted the shoulders and bracers after a couple tries and found the boots (I was wearing ice climbers, then I was shocked with those zuni boots dropped on the ground, giving me 15k dps...).

    However, I spent at least 30mi+ on a stash tab of sidegrades to put all the breakpoints together.

    On 1.0.7. some people seemed to ignore the fact that you could press enter to open the chat, shift + click an item on AH and see the comparision in game. For that reason some pieces were really cheap or ignored on auctions. (I.e. people seemed to ignore that 500 STR and 199% CD on a skorn is something really nice for a budget).

    Since I knew the idea could be a potential disaster, I decided to be conservative at some point. My current gear has the 1.42 APS breakpoint for HotA (42% AS) and if I go Full IK I will have the minimum breakpoints for Moldran's legendary MP10 farming build (killing white mobs with Rend, with 1.33 APS minimum). Doing so, I have a backup plan in case I get bored.

    Since I'm not running around or going perma-wrath, I had to be conservative and have a little bit more EHP for the MP I'm playing. I aimed for 500 AR, 5.5k Armor, 1.42 APS (1.33 without IK, with cold soj) and 160k DPS.

    4. Plans

    I'll take my time with this build, get some XP and upgrade the gems until itemization patch, when farming will be (apparently) useful again. Also, if they nerf WotB at some point, probably I'll stick with this.

    D3rawr says that after some gem upgrades (radiant on weapon and flawless star on gear, iirc) I can hit 200k DPS at paragon 100, maybe the final goal of this. We have at least 1 year before expansion, so I'm not hurry.

    (But yep, CC, 9 ias, STR Mempo would help...)

    Thanks for reading!

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