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Build suggestions wanted!

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by jdkerr, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. jdkerr

    jdkerr Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 13, 2008
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    Build suggestions wanted!

    I have been playing a lot of MP recently as I work to ready my PvP Ladyzon. I have decided that I would like to make a character dedicated to playing MP Baal runs. I want to host the runs, teleport to the Throne, help with the killing, and preferably have decent MF to contribute.

    (For those who don't know, ping can have a dramatic impact on teleporting, so it is nice if the host -- who has the best ping -- can teleport.)

    I will need:
    -- Good casting speed on the teleport switch. 200% would probably strain the gear too much (though it would be sexy), so 105% FCR it is.
    -- Survivability on the teleport switch. If I die before the Throne, we either have to run an elaborate rescue mission or restart the game (unless someone else can sub as teleporter and I become a lame duck for the run). Either way, we are losing out on drops and experience. This means a gloam solution is necessary.
    -- Damage on the kill switch. I want to contribute, after all.
    -- MF on the kill switch. This is self-explanatory.

    -- Block-lock. Is it better to go low chance to block?
    -- Faster Hit Recovery. Should I shoot for 86%? Should I just plan on not getting hit? :crazyeyes:
    -- Dual-element damage. I would like to be able to solo, but not all wishes come true. If I went single element, is there a good merc setup that could take care of the problem wave(s)?
    -- Mercenary. Act2? Act5? Go go Iron Wolves? ;)

    -- Blova. A little bird tells me that Nova can't handle p8 well, and I don't have Griffon's (or Fathom).
    -- Blizzballer. Standard, I guess.
    -- Blizz/CL. Much more interesting, but is it better?
    -- Pure blizz. Good damage and MF, but single element.
    -- Pure fireball. Don't see much fire damage in Baals, but also single element.
    -- Charged Boltress. I have a thing for them, what can I say? :whistling:
    -- FO/FB. No, thanks -- been there, done that.
    -- Many other options.

    I have most of the typical stuff, I suppose, or I can trade for it. As far as runewords go, I have HotO, Fort, and CtA. I don't have any FCR on magic or rare circlets. I have Mara's, Arach, and Charged Bolt Ormus'. I don't have Tal's gear, but I am sure I could get it. As for skillers, I have 5x Sparking and 6x Burning (no chilling, although that, too, could possibly be remedied). I obviously don't have Enigma, which is why I am only considering sorceresses.


    So... what do you recommend? What build would you want hosting your MP Baals? What do you enjoy playing? Fire away! :wink:
  2. elevenlang

    elevenlang Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 23, 2009
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    Re: Build suggestions wanted!

    IMO, to handle p8 baal runs with lightening sorc is the standard. if you have the gear.
    if you can afford infinity and want SP baal, lightening is the way to go.
    I have build a blova with the tal's set. It is better on the waves, blizz is a great skill, but it is slow on baal kill. on the other hand, a lot of CI can be pain in the ***. but if you play with others, blova can pack more MF. If you don't demand very high speed, it is acctually more fun for blova IMO.

    About the issues, you need to focus on teleport skill and avoid be stopping in a pile of monsters. then the block and FHR is not that much of an issue as killing power. If you want to solo, single element Fire is no-no. blizz is good but not comparable to lightening

    merc is important as it must be a large meatshield. I will use act 2,since blova need insight to pump up the mana. guardian angel might be a good choice of armor but a lot of other good choice too.

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