Build question.


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Build question.

Hello. I have been trying to decide the best sorc build for me and I think I've found one that I'll like. It's main skills will be Blizzard and Thunderstorm.
I think it's the build I'll have the most fun with.
20glacial spike
10ish CM
10ish LM
A few in Chilling Armor
and the rest either into masteries or into another blizz synergy.

Any advice would be appreciated!!!


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Thunderstorm is, in my opinion, a lousy skill for PvM play for two reaons. It has a builtin timer between strikes (on the order of 1-2 seconds) and it doesn't synergize any spammable lightning skill. You'll get a lot more mileage out of 30 points if you invest them into 20 firewall / 10 FM, and if you want to drop 40 or so points, 20 meteor/20 fireball / 1 FM and 20 Lightning/20 Chainlit (or Charged Bolt) / 1LM can give you passable dual tree damage without having to wait around for thunderstorm to strike.

My personal favorite is:
20 Blizzard
20 Iceblast
1 CM
20 Meteor
20 Fireball
1 FM
1 static / teleport
remainder into icebolt or firebolt

This layout gives good timered skills and good untimered spam skills in two elements. Really shines with good +sorc skills boosting equipment and infinity - you can scoot anywhere in hell with this build. There's a guide about this build (or one a lot like it) called "blizzball". It may or may not be for you depending on your playstyle, it takes a bit more concentration to play than a Blizzard/TS sorc. IMO this is a good, fun thing.


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Build sounds okay, except once you get to hell, having only TS and Blizz may give you some problems in dealing with some monsters with resists. Blizz gets difficult to use successfully and thunderstom can't deal with some guys fast enough, your going to have to run around a lot or teleport quickly and often to avoid being tagged

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Thunderstorm is better if you have lots of skills leftover, and if you already are focusing on a lightning attack.

Otherwise, its too much trouble for 40 points, and its hardly worth considering if you don't max out both Lightning Mastery and Thunder Storm