Build me a spec around my gear pls...


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Build me a spec around my gear pls...

ok previously i have made a druid, and this is how i built him...

1 werewolf, 20 lycan, 1 feral rage, 1 rabies, 20 fury.
1 firestorm, 1 moltan boulder, 1 fissure, 1 volcano, 20 armegeddon, 1 put in all wind druid prereq up to hurrican.

my intentions were to be a high damage melee fury druid with a high damage armeggedon but i didnt know + from items did NOT increase damage from synergies.... yes i know im a complete newb and learned the hardway. ( lvld to 75 before realizing fire ele skills 1 +18 didnt effect my DPS output with gedddon at all) so now im lost again....

anyways im making another druid because i have extremely good gear for it.
heres the list.....

HELM: 290 jalal's mane or Cerebrus, spirit keeper, vampgaze
CHEST: 1250 enigma
BELT: Arachnid Mesh, string of ears
RINGS: Stone of Jordan 2x or Ravens
WEP: EarthShifter Thundermaul, razors edge, (runes to make breathofdying)
BOOTS: Gores or sandstorm trek's, war travs
NECK: Mara's +30 res, or Highwarlords wraith
GLOVES: Bloods, chance guards
SIDE: druid torch +3 skills, 12 attrib, 18 res, and 1 GC +1 shifterskills

ok i know this post is long, but i need a spec for hell and those tutorial pages on the stickies didnt help me at all.

I am in dire need of a HELL MODE spec, shapeshifter or elemental.
please just give me a spec... i dont wannt to lvl to 75 and suck again :(

someone told me rabies was really good... but not to sure. heelllpppp meee i succk at specing my guy


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Welcome to the wild, wild World of Wolves!!!

Firstly, I am extremely biased toward wolves. Secondly, is this a PvP or PvM build? Will you be playing with a party most of the time, part of the time or rarely? The enigma is somewhat of a waste for wolves since you can't tele with fur on, however, it can be used (I saw it on youtube, might have been Kiba running around).

I've been running around with a "Party Wolf" which is a hybrid fury/summoner PvM. The skills were maxxed Fury, Lycanthropy, Oak Sage, with 10 points into Werewolf & Feral Rage then like 15 points into Grizzly. One point wonders were ravens, carrion vine and pre-reqs. You should finish in the mid-80s or so. Otherwise check out the Stoutewolf guide on fury/rabies. The werewolf is extremely dependent on equipment (like most elite melee builds). I went with a shield and maxxed block since my job as a melee party member was to run up and hold the enemy back so the spell casters could wreak havoc on the enemy. This wolf could survive everything and has gotten caught between two ubers and survived. Of course the rest of the party was busy blasting the two ubers, but for some reason Baal and Diablo seemed determined to concentrate on little ole' furry me. IM has been my only downfall. PIs are very annoying, but having a elemental weapon on switch will help with PIs and IM (if I recall correctly, elemental damage is not reflected back at you).

good luck and good hunting!


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PvM, solo build.

i was thinking 20 fury / rabies / lycan and 20 oak/creeper but i think this might be more of a PVP spec which i guess is fine with me since i have my gear.

i dont know i want to be good in HELLMODE with decent resists, but high life so i dont get owned in 5 seconds... i perfer shifter over elemental, but if ele is the way to go im willing to try it. ima go read that dudes fury/rabies guide.

i guess its all about whats most damaging spec with the gear, because that isnt a problem for me.