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Build Idea

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by Bigru, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Bigru

    Bigru IncGamers Member

    Oct 27, 2004
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    Build Idea

    I'm thinking about making a return to d2, and after reading some guides (most of the ones posted here and elsewhere that are relevant) I've come up with an idea for a build to aim for when I start again. I want it for both pvm and pvp, being able to efficiently solo anywhere in players8 against any monster, as well as being able to hold it's own against almost any pvp character (with a few gear swaps). Also I'm wanting it to be relatively new to me, and fun to play.

    Tall order huh :)

    So here is my current idea. A kick/trap build that turns kick/trap/ww in pvp. Achieves max block with eld'd stormshield (for use with a variety of weapons) as well as decent claw block with chaos/fury(or fools/jade).

    Aiming for lvl 94 (92 is pretty easy, 94+ eventually due to good pvm char and respecs)

    Skills (hard points):

    9 dragon talon - reaches 4 kicks with pvm setup and stays below 5 kicks on pvp (maybe 3 would be preferable for pvp, but 3 extra frames isn't too big of a deal for increased pvm effectiveness)

    No other martial arts skills (might get df on claws if lucky, but don't really need it)

    1 Fire Blast - prereq
    1 WOF - Stun in pvp, in general and against sorbers
    4 ShockWeb - Synergy, if I get higher than 94 then rest go in here
    20 CBS - Synergy
    20 LS - Main pvp trap, secondary pvm trap
    20 DS - Main pvm trap

    1 in all Shadow skills except:
    20 Venom - Main pvp melee damage (as well as open wounds)
    2 Mindblast - for shadow master

    Pvm Gear Setup

    2ass/20fcr/stats/res circ with ias/res jewel - could be changed for pvm but meh
    Atmas Scarab - Very little immune after this, great vs bosses
    Stormlash Ber'd - Crushing blow and static, also fast
    Sanctuary Monarch - High res, good block and fhr and +dex
    String of Ears - DR, life leech
    Raven - Dex, ar, CBF
    Fcr/ml/mods ring - Source of Mana leech
    Trang gloves - Could be swapped, but extra venom damage and fcr is nice
    Shadow Dancers - Could use gores, but enought CB without, good dex

    Switch: phase blade cta, Spirit. For fast cast, BO, and fast trap laying (better trap damage) handy for baal runs etc.

    4x trap fhr - Don't need the fhr for pvm, but you don't really need lifers for pvm either, and this turns out cheaper for final pvp build.
    gheeds - allows reasonable mf
    space under charms for life/mana and res/life scs
    leaves space to pick stuff up

    Use infinity Merc with whatever else (merc forti + eth andys with ias jewel would be ideal) Probably Might merc to retain corpses and to increase ml/ll

    Draculs in stash for Ubers, swap amu to pvp setup (or anything)

    Pvp Setup

    swap atmas for 2/15fcr/mods - preferably 17+ to reach 102 bp with spirit if required
    swap fcr ring for one more suited to pvp (ie no ml, add resists)
    swap SoE for Dungoes (need for the DR)
    take away gheeds, add 5x shadow lifers
    add more scs res/life mana/life under charms


    Fury runic (or gt) with +3ls, extras like blade sentinel, weapon block (+2 would be nice), df
    Similar Chaos to complement. If both claws total with +5/6 venom or fade that would also be handy.
    Whatever fools is available would be nice, but not often needed. Similar plus skills could be good, +2 sin is nice, needs to be fast etc.
    Jade talon with ias/res jewel. Will need to WSM bug this.

    um'd High -Pres Dweb - to make people who don't stack Pres hurt
    um's wizzy - for when high cast rate and res are needed
    Hoto? - Not sure on this, would be good to act as a w/s trapper, no slower than wizzy for casting but looses OW.

    Storm shield eld'd - max DR max block for handling barbs
    Sanctuary - Slow missles is fun, high block, fhr, res
    Spirit - fcr/fhr/res/mana Not really much use on main switch

    Widowmaker - should work great with fury/stormshield on switch vs barbs, use BoS to get nice firing rate and trap rate, swap back to fury for OW when arrows already flying as well as 75 block and 50+ dr with no fade.

    Think that should all fit in my stash+a few extras (maybe Tgods etc.) and still leave space in inv. when pvming.

    Character can act the same as Ghost/Trap/Kicker and any combination thereof, but of course will be weaker than the pure version.

    pvp setup reaches
    max trap frame
    65 fcr in most setups, able to get 102 with shield
    45 DR
    57% weapon block, possibly 58 with the right claws
    75% block with shield
    Decent trap and venom damage
    good res that is easily stackable in both w/s and c/c
    Doesn't require weapon changes unless absorb is being used, but can be customized to fit the chars in game.
    Will probably only just reach 3k life (haven't calculated) due to str/dex investment and fhr charms, but I think fhr will be necessary when not using chaos. However the dex investment should make barb duels competitive, and lack of life is probably only hugely important against bone necs and hdins when well played.

    Any glaring holes? Missing equipment? Changes you would make to skill setup?
    Main point i'm unsure of is skiller ratio, as 9 shadow skillers would take me to 49 DR if I calculate correctly, and increase my weapon block, venom damage, mind blast damage/length as well as ar with claws. Would be interesting to see the effect of the dex investment on ar.

    My hope is that this build won't be significantly worse overall at pvp compared to hybrid/ghost/trap builds at least in the 1v1 case where my gear can be suited to the enemy. I can't see how any of these other builds would compete pvm wise due to the trap/kick/CB combo.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope that it might give some others an idea or two.

  2. SeCKSEgai

    SeCKSEgai IncGamers Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    Re: Build Idea

    I honestly think you're trying to mix too much. With all the gear swaps you're proposing you won't fit it all, no way. Too many large charms, shields and weapons. CTA? Spirit? lots of changes, very limited room.

    You won't need the fool's against casters, its the high def when they come in handy. Of course, if you're not relying purely on ww for your main damage, then your traps should handle those.

    Against Ubers, your lack of ar will hurt, combined with the fact that you'll be hard-pressed to make up for stacked res when the conviction aura kicks in, even with a high res shield and fade.

    Against barbs, you have the luxury of traps, which is where ghosts struggle against them since they won't really stunlock. As a trapper, I could handle pretty much anything that didn't absorb, the only reason I ever bothered with the ghost aspect was because it was just more fun.

    Slow missles is considered BM, and if that's fine for what you plan on so be it.
    FHR is far more important in pvp to prevent that stunlock - you don't need lifers, but they do help.

    Not quite sure why you'd go fool's/jade.

    I think if you do go through with it, you'll find yourself tweaking it a bit more to be kick/trap for general use

    WoF isn't used for damage, so not sure what you meant against sorbers. Wof is used by ghosts with MB to start the stunlock then a telestomp ww triangle of death should take out most casters.

    Against a sorbing barb, you'll find yourself in trouble... which is why I'm curious to just how versatile you're expecting to be. Elementals are all undone by heavy absorb (in BM) and considering your melee vs melee, you will typically be outclassed. The GA is a good idea to keep, handy, though I was never fond of it.
  3. Bigru

    Bigru IncGamers Member

    Oct 27, 2004
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    Re: Build Idea

    True, though I'm only gonna have one set of charms, aside from gheeds (could probably get rid of this). I thought that stash size was 6x10 when I was figuring it all out, turns out it's 6x8. Could just flag sanctuary, though it is my shield of choice for pvm.

    If I can get a nice enough fools, it could probably replace fury all together, as long as it's two socket for um/um. Was thinking fools for vs palas using ww. For casters probably fury+jade is the way to go, as kick can handle them in most situations.

    Yeah and i'm not gonna be able to fit kiras in my stash I don't think, though it would be a great addition for pvp as well.

    Problem with pubs is that there is always someone who is absorbing :). But I guess having to leave a game or just try to unhostile them isn't too big of a deal.

    Didn't really know that, but it would only be used for fun against friends, or a bm player.

    Jade I thought would be pretty crucial against casters where I want claw block and some stacked res? Yeah basically I want to only have to resort to ww against palas. However both w/s and c/c setups as a kicker are pretty handy.

    Yep I've had a ghost using speedlanders guide in the past, I meant when they are absorbing my ls, I can switch to pure wof so I don't heal them.

    Maybe I won't be fond of it either, but wizadept has some pretty sweet videos of him using it. Basically the idea is to have an option against any character, even if they are absorbing. However maybe it is just pointless with the stash restrictions. Wish they had made it bigger in the new patch.

    I'll try come up with a refined stash that will fit, and see what you think.

    Thanks for the help.

  4. SeCKSEgai

    SeCKSEgai IncGamers Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    Re: Build Idea

    Actually, as a Ghost, it was all ww, wof, sm, mb. And teleport of course, never popped other traps, needed the points in shadow tree. I went off of Tienje's guide. Even fought him once in that "private realm". My ghost vs his trapper, not so fun, but he showed me things I hadn't thought of even in our few fights.

    Wiz definitely helped me when I got into pvp. If it's been tried its likely he knows about it.

    The biggest thing I see here is like I said before, trying to do too much. My pvp character last season was strictly pvp simply because of all the gear I had to stow since inventory was basically full of charms, stash fills up quickly with prebuff and switch gear. That, and being able to manage stat points to work with a variety of setups.

    Pvm wise, a kick/trapper with infinity should get you through everything. But I would make her strictly pvm, so you actually have room in the stash to pick up anything worthwhile should you find it. My latest variation is practically the same as my pure trapper, the only difference skill wise is that instead of fireblast (trapper) those points go into dtalon, along with 1 point in venom.

    The biggest difference between my trap vs trap/kick is the gear. Trap is all about +skill and fcr, while trap/kick is geared specfically for melee. The funny thing is, I don't see the trap damage gap being all that significant.

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