Build for ubers please!


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Build for ubers please!

Can some one give me skill,stat, and equipment build for a necro? I dont need the ok things, I need the best equipment to get for the build. Thanks...

This is because my hopes for ubering with poison nova necro were shot down..literally lol.


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That basically would be a well equipped summoner. Just enough str for gear, rest vita. Max skeleton mastery, raise and mage. Max corpse explosion also (great for clearing the mini uber levels). 1 point wonders include revive, summon resist, amplify damage, decrepify and terror (for summons).

As for gear, get your merc an infinity and gear with loads of resists like CoH armor. For yourself get an enigma because of the teleport and for the rest as much +skill as you can get (leorics comes to mind). As long as you have your own resist positive there's not much to worry about, I soloed uber tristram with around 30 resists.

Also you might want to take a look at FooSoft's videos. They show really nice how to separate the three bosses and how effective terror is for getting rid of the summons.


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Lets see
Summoning Necro
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Raise Skeletal Warrior
20 Raise Skeletal Mage
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Mastery
1 Summon Resist
2 Golem Prequisites for Revive
1 Revive (+skills will take care of rest)
5 Curses (Amp, Terror, Weaken(useless), Decriptify and Iron Maiden (for annoying ww barbs(not needed))).
1 Teeth
20 Corpse Explosion
1 Bone Armor
Rest: Pump either bone wall for synergy to armor or clay golem for more life. You could also throw 1 point into each of the remaining curses as well.

Um'ed Shako
Enigma (any kind, low req is preferable)
Hoto (better than beast anyday, especially for ubers)
CTA on switch for BO
Lidless (or spirit if you have the str) on switch for BO
Pdiamond Homunculus (um'ed is better, but who wastes an um on a shield for +3 resists?)
1 Soj
1 Wisp (only for uber mephisto)
Arachnids Mesh (i guess you could use Tgods for uber mephisto)
+2 Marrowalks
Necro Torch
7x Necro Summon Skillers
Resist scs

Strength: Enough to equip enigma with anni and torch, the +str on nigma will take you from there
Dext: Nothing, im assumong your playing hardcore, its not needed for PVM.
Vitality: Everything Else
Energy: Nothing, if your having mana problems after gear then you can put 50 points or so here.

Thats pretty much it :azn:

Ps. So it was you who had the novmancer thread was it... lol i remeber that one.

Eilo Rytyj

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You forgot Life Tap (essential for merc survival) and Dim Vision (best pvm skill in the game!!) in the curses.

How about Trang's gloves? I'm a fan of the +2 curses upping Amp's and Dim's range for everywhere else in the game.

AoKL will most likely be better than HotO, IF you know how to use Terror and Dim Vision to keep yourself from ever being hit. I guess less killing speed for the sake of survival isn't too bad though.

Don't bother with that Wisp, unless it's only for the HoW or Oak charges. You will ALWAYS be out of Conviction range. AFAIK Meph's lightning ball (all of his attacks for that matter) doesn't pierce, it'll be blocked by your army.

Extra points to Golem Mastery rather than Clay Golem. There may be occasions where you might want to make a nifty Iron Golem.


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1. Life Tap is always inferior to decriptify for bosses, because bosses that take more dmg, deal out less dmg, and are much slower beats keeping an expendable alive.

2. Trang gloves are certainly a second option, yet i like to spam CE's whenever possible, and i value the +1 to fire skills over +2 curses (they already have insane radius)

3. Hoto offers +3 ALL SKILLS, meaning that gumby, summon resist, revives, everyone gets a boost from it, not only the +2 summon skills AOKL has to offer. (Yes the +5 to skeles is nice.... but beaten by 30-40 resists, 40 fcr, and other mods hoto has)

4.Your army will not block all attacks. In uber trist, you will have to tele your army ontop of the boss to do dmg, and many of mephs lighting enchanted bolts will come your way. These also spawn right after another, so if you get caught in a lane of lightning bolts..... without decent resists (ie. hoto) you will be killed before you can get out of the stunlock.

5. If he's planning on ubering with the necro, then using a iron golem wont last very long. Besides, gumby has the advantage of massive hp, slow target, etc. and as points to gumby help more than GM, i throw them there. But feel free to spend them in GM if you feel like making an insight golem every once in a while.:grin:


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Thank you! And I still feel determined to prove I can take those ubers with a poison nova! lol but of coruse I also want to take ubers with a spear zon..which I dont see possible either..heh

Thanks guys this was more then perfect!


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you could always try with a daggermancer ^_^

curious, does anyone know roughly how much life the ubers have? and how much is their life regen?


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If im not mistaken, uber mephisto has a 115 resist/immunity to poison. Even with a -65 resist lower resist, you would only take off 13 of that.. effectivly leaving him immune to all of your attacks. As for life regneration, i heard somewhere that it was like 16k a sec (but dont quote me on it), but poison will stop regeneration, so you would only have to worry about staying alive long enough to kill them.


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One this about CE. I really dont think its nessecary to max it. Put your remaining points in more bonewall/prison, so bone amour actually does something.

And a question, should I use beast? no res, cast, but if i use uduars, it would make them hit alot faster, and therefor CB will trigger more often.

And fire golum, would that distract their attacks from merc/minions?


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For ubers, i wouldnt use fire golem as your missing out on the extreme life of the clay (20k+) and the slowing effect, and against the ubers you need all the slowing you can get. As for beast, I assume you will have a hoto or aokl on switch, make it a hoto, and only switch to beast once you have backed away (ie. out of mephs lightning enchant). Then you can be safe with the beast, take meph out faster, and still have the protection of the hoto for the teleeing.


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Ok...Lets throw most of this together, Boogie Ill stick with your things not sure how to quote so ill jsut copy it onloy thing is I'd go with
Beast, btw im on nonladder not hardcore east. finish this later study hall jsut finished


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OK now I have time lol Im in my tenth hour class now and its canceled so im back at study hall.

Ok ill restart all that....I'd go with bogies build for the skills and all for the equipment except I'd really really go with the Beast.

This ups your skelletons and revives damage by a lot and you atack a lot faster. Lets look at it this way. With Beast: 1k damage and 2 hits a second compared to hoto with extra skeleton and all of them doing 850 damage one hit a second. this is just a look at the perspectives NOT EXACTS SO NO COMMENTS ON IT lol

Ok then moving on...I think i screwed my necros strength..I do that for all of my characters because Im not used to torches and having an anni. But oh well whats 40 extra str poitns in str to vit? 80 hitpoints? and if you find somelthing you really really want to wear its no biggy because you have extra strength any ways.


Thanks everyone oh and I have some question on my equipment costs...

Would a 36 hoto, soj, poison bone gc, and 12 all resists gc = the cost of a Beast or would I have to throw another soj in there?

and what is a 12 all resist gc worth? I was told an soj but Im not sure



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You playing ladder or nl? Im ladder, and i dont really think my 13 resist all gc is worth an soj (2-3hrs on ladder). Hmm beast has a ber, mal and um in it right? Grab the lowest req axe you can find so that wont cost much. 2.5 hrs needed to create it. A 36 hoto on ladder goes easily for 2hrs, and an soj for another 2-3 sojs, so you should have plenty even without the PNB gc. On nl........ might be a different story.


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You playing ladder or nl? Im ladder, and i dont really think my 13 resist all gc is worth an soj (2-3hrs on ladder). Hmm beast has a ber, mal and um in it right? Grab the lowest req axe you can find so that wont cost much. 2.5 hrs needed to create it. A 36 hoto on ladder goes easily for 2hrs, and an soj for another 2-3 sojs, so you should have plenty even without the PNB gc. On nl........ might be a different story.
yea, so like you were saying, does anybody know how much beast is worth NON ladder

and about the keys(pertains to ubers), is one of nihil's keys worth the other two? or should i farm for all of them cuz they about equal



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low req. beast its very good.
i made one the other week (only 32 str.) but it looks sexy (in a doubleaxe).

about buying one on nl?
well imo dont buy a beast, make one.


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Cheaper to make beast.

I always use Beast in uber just so everything dies faster; I have max resists even w/o Hoto equipped (which is my pvp weapon of choice). I summon my army with AOKL then switch to Beast, that way (like I've said many times before) your army will keep the bonuses (i.e. lvl51 skellies, even though with beast it goes down to 46 your skellies will be fewer but will still have thd dmg etc of lvl51 skellies). Rest is all gravy, although I'd swap out the wisp for another soj or bk.

I only farm dkeys. 1dkey will get you a T and H key so 2x dkeys=Keyset

I also never use Terror. I just kill stuff and blow it up or(even more fun) Revive it. I usually only have 14 or so revives anyhow (so that Urdars can last as long as possible). Tele stack onto boss, pulverize, clean up summons, revive/detonate. Repeat. Never had a trouble that way although most seem to prefer Terror. :smiley:

Also, points in CE > Bone synergies because +radius= more & Faster kills which also means more revives/body grenades faster. Fast is good. I also use 2x upped Magefist.

Clay is your best friend, although I use a "Pride" Iron Golem. The lvl18 Concentration helps out a bit. I also put 10pts into Gmastery so that he wouldn't die all the time. With a 5bo CTA he does pretty well.

Hoto > Leoric only if you're prone to getting hit a lot. Obviously, if you die your summons go with you so I'd advise equipping yourself appropriately according to your own playing style and abilities. Skill Pts are a lot the same way: I didnt' learn any curses other than the ones up to Decrep and I went ahead and learned Lower Resist (wish I had not, to be honest). I did not learn those curses because I never used them when I knew them before. Amp and Decrep are my two golden children.

I think you'll find with a summoner Uber is not difficult at all. Sit back and watch the bodies pile up.