[Build] FAzon


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[Build] FAzon

Hi all, this is build of amazon focused on FA, made by Richo.I've just added some

comments and explonations.

Table of Contest
1. Stats
2. Skills
3. Equipment
4. Merc

1. Stats:

Strenght: as less as possible just enough to wear your gear
Dex: all goes here
Vit: 80
Energy: base

2. Skills:

[bow & crossbow skills] [34]

Cold Arrow 20
Freezinng Arrow 20
Strafe 10
prereqs: 4

[passive and magic skills] [53-58]

Critical Strike 13
Dodge 10
Avoid 10
Evade 10
Penetrate 15-20
Valkyrie 1
Pierce 1
Prereqs: 3

To sum up: 87-92 skill points. With +12 skills from quests whole build may be completet

at 75 clvl - quite easy to obtain.

No points in Javelins tree as it is not a hybrid!
Skills also depand on how much b&c skillers do you have - the more the better ofc. Every

skiller gives us significal bonus to damage and also helps us using Strafe/Multi as physical attack. I'm sure you have noticed that only one point is spared at Valky - its of course not a problem to add points here as we should have much of them left. Also we are spending 15-20 points in penetrate which in my view is not so much important - build is based on skills as well as on Ice RuneWord. Ice has build-in ITD (Ignores target defense) which means that it would almost always hit regular monster. Also FA has its own great AR modifer (at slvl 30 its about 300% and we should have about ~35 slvl here). On the other hand Penetrate is reasonable when facing Cold Immune Unique Monster/Super Unique - using strafe would need more AR (but if only unique is left then GA could better probably). Everything else is self-explained I think. CA is a synergy for FA, our main attack (dont need of Ice Arrow as it is waste of skill points in my opinion). With +skill items we should have 50+ dodges - enough with our merc and Valky.

3. Equipment:

Vampire gaze or good ama circlet with +2 skills, FRW, LL and ML. ML is more important here as FA needs just HUGE amount of mana. If we dont need DamReduction we could also consider using Tal's Mask. I think that we should try finding nice circlet with 2 skills and ML. Remember to put 15ias jool here! Also have on mind that gaze has one great bonus - cold damage with 4 sec duration...
Sth we could consider is Andariels Face too.

Chains of honor - just awasome piece of armor! 2 skills, 65 all res, ll, edmg... If only it doesn't cost so much... We can also use Arky (2 skills and nice life) or stay with Lionheart (also great armor! for some crappy runes we can have end game armor).

Ice Grand Mathron bow (+3bow skills ofc). Holy Freeze aura, 20ias, 20% deadly strike, ITD, even goldfind (gamble!). But the most important thing here is +25-30% cold skill damage (that makes our skiller so good) and -20% enemies cold res. Another awasome but also rather expensive item. The offside of gmb is that we need 89ias to hit 9frames breakpoint (20 from Ice, 20 from gloves, 20 from amulet and... and we have 56ias which means we make attack in 10 frames... slow... so we can use Andariel with 15ias jool and we are done. We can also use Rare Circlet with 2 sox [30ias]. Or Mavinas. Or Andariel and belt with ias... it just depends on what item we have or can afford... ofc we can also made our ice not in GMB but in Matriarchal Bow)

crafted gloves with 20 ias/ KnockBack, ml... or if we don't like knockback 2bow/20ias/ml is also great choice!

Gore Riders. Richo stays with them but I would go for WT.
Why? With 20% deadly on Ice, nice boost on Highlord and 13 points in Critical Strike we shouldn't need more. Crushing on Gores are just too small - and even if it would be better, Crashing Blow works much worse on ranged attacks (1/8 regular monster's life and 1/20 bosse's... they should be killed much faster and our main attack is FA, not strafe...).
WT on the other hand has 15-25 dmg, 10str/10vit. The only bad thing on it is mf... ;)

Raven frost
Raven frost
Yep, great ring! If we lack on ml, we can put rare ring with dual leech (or ml only with nice other mods). BK could be also considered.

highlord or cats eye.
I would suggest using Highlord. It has +1 skill, 20ias, ~30 deadly strike and nice Lit res. No other choices for me. Some may also look for Mara, that could be nice pick if we have enough ias from other gear...

Nosferatu, for 10 ias mainly. Also has nice ll, 15 str, 2 mana after kill and slows target 10%. Nice mods, however, I would go with ias on other gear and take Razortail here. 100% pierce is really great and helps, especially in open areas like chaos sanct/moo farm.


CtA of course with +1 skill shield (Lidless or Splendor).
Why not spirit, someone could ask. Its because Spirit could be made in 4sox shield and Monarch needs 156 str...

Bow Skillers, 3/ar/life scs, 5res/cold scs and anni ofc...

The hardest time with gear choices is how to obtain desired IAS breakpoint still having ml and skills...

4. Mercenary

Merc: Act 2 might (nightmare/offensive).

Weapon: Infinity (pref eth thresher) - GREAT RW! 40 crushing blow, great damage, life, prevents monster heal, frw aaand... 12 slvl Conviction aura. It has only small radius but should be enough.
As great rws, infinity also costs MUCH (2-3hrs) so other possibilty is Reapers Toll or eth Bonehew or Tomb Reaver... i prefer Reapers Toll

helm: eth andy face (for LL). Other picks are: Thievs Crown, Tals Mask, Gaze.

armor: stone or shaft. If using Gaze, stone could be enough.

thats all for now folks! having some advices/hints/etc? Just post them here.


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Helm: Consider Nightwings. It's wicked for this build. May want to use a Vamp for ML, though.

Armor: Durress adds monster cold damage, not to mention a bunch of other nice mods. Since all cold damage will be added to your FA splash, this armor really shines on this build.

Gloves: You won't need Knockback since you'll be freezing everything solid.

Belt: Razortail. This is really the only belt for the build IMHO, Pierce+FA=pwnage.

Rings: Get a ML ring, you'll need it.

Boots: I use WT's on my FA zon.

Bows: Ice is THE way to go. Make sure its in a -10 speed bow. (No GM's, you'll be slow and sorry. All you're giving up here is physical damage, and it's not that much anyway. I would recommend a Great Bow, or ideally a +3 Mat bow.) I would also keep a Harmony on switch for Valk Pre-buff, and when you need to really run Vigor is Suh-weet. It's also dirt cheap for the mods it provides.

Merc: Insight on an act 2 Might merc. His Might will help with your leech and the insight will help with your mana problems (You WILL have them with this build.)
Or, if you're rich, put Faith on an act1 rogue.

Hope that helps.


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ok i was planning to add earlier so i will do now as 2 adds :D

Wmeredith: adds!!

well this is a pure dmg zone based and on a -10 wsm bow is a possibilty but as this is not pure for pvp but for pvm and in pvm it is somthing else:

dmg > speed
dmg > life

as that is for me as you need HEAVY leech with this build for that i have:

gaze: 8/8
gloves: 20 ias KB 3 LL (still crafting for 3LL and 3ML)
belt: and nosferatu is needed for ias, strenght and the slow
boots: i use gore cause i do about 2k phys dmg beside my cold dmg on FA
armor: i use chains of honor as i do pvm and could use the +2 skills and the resist
merc: i use infinty on act 2 might merc so that will compasate the nightwings

this build was calculated by 3 pple and this was our best option, as i do still some phys dmg that will work against the phys immune...

and for the pierce i did 1 point in pierce so that will be more then enough

and v3mpire:
well for the charms youre right:
i am planning to use 5* bow skiller 3x-4x life (As they cost only 2 ist max)
and for the resit 20 life sc (and for pple who can afford use life/resist sc)

and for spirit we should try a eth spirit but dunno about the -strenght a eth monarch would required, as for the resist this is VERY good guide ;)

i could not do better then you :D



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I'm new to Diablo II, so don't flame me please but why don't you put points into Ice Arrows for a FA build?


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why flaming???

this aint b.net, well ice arrow does not give us extra dmg to our dmg only+ freezing dmg and thats quite uselus as we already got almost 8x% slow enemy thats more then enough and we freeze our enemy so it cant move and we need more then 1 shot at it so it will be frozen OR HEAVY slowed

plz sticky this or updat old strategy;)



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Welcome to the forums asdfq. We don't flame here. We discuss topics and offer opinions and some facts. I am glad you asked the question.

How long have you been playing D2? Are you playing SP or Bnet? Hope to see you around more!


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Im very very new to BNET (3 weeks now) and I managed to score a Mavina Set + 2 Manald, 1 Normal Pendant +3 Passive Skills + 4%ML and Infernostride boots for the time being.

I am an FA zon, and I was wondering if Nightwing wasnt a better helm option than ML. Yes, the leech is very very vital but on the other hand, with 20 - 25% cold skill dmg, you would be firing far less shots to do any kills. Which in turn does conserve mana. Plus, FA does tons of damage with penetrate, exploding quite a few times. With that 20 - 25% boost, hell monsters fall much faster. Twin 7% Manald and a very nice leech Pendant + gloves could do the trick quite easily.

Was wondering if to give my Act1 Merc either ICE or Harmony. I can make Harmony right now, and I need the Vigor as much as she does. Or just Ice to increase her cold skill dmg as well as resist reduction and a nightwing for the cold boost.

Im very very new and most likely dont know what Im saying but just curious on these. Right now Im lvl 80 and though I excel PvM ... PvP is just disgraceful as some random auradin has already Holy Shock-ed 1/2 my bar before I come out.

Plz help ... :confused:


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Re: [Build] FAzon

According to the "Things you SHOULD know about d2" thread...

+% <element> damage applies once to melee and zero to ranged, despite whatever the lying character screen says.

OMG! So that means the extra cold damage bonus on BOTH Ice bow and nightwing DOES NOT GET APPLIED!! So does that change the whole guide...or has this been fixed, or is Blizzard so extremely bad they gave Ice a useless mod?

Can someone PLEASE look into this and give me an anwser? If it is true, then lots of folks are playing this build and seeing wonderful damage on their chr screens which doesn't get applied in the game! That would be very bad.
I truely hope I'm wrong....


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Re: [Build] FAzon

You are wrong - I think. If you look at the mods on nightwing and ice, they are the same as the sorcerer fire or lightning mastery for cold. This means that they directly apply to skill damage. In this aspect, frozen arrow isn't different from a fireball. Both are skills that have a splash, the only difference is that a frozen arrow is carried by an arrow, while a fireball is existing in it own.
So for the splash damage coming from frozen arrow, I really don't see a problem.

Now If we look at the arrow it's self, that carries cold damage too - some coming from your skills. Now here you are right, the arrow is considered ranged an not a direct skill, thus the damage seems to be applied by the lcs though in reality, it indeed isn't.

Now if we look at the damage added to the splash by for instance the holy freeze aura, then we are in a strange thing. I would say that when it gets added to the splash, it's get multiplied by the mastery.
However, at the time when you fire the arrow, the cold damage isn't coming from a skill anymore thus you only get it applied once - like enchant. At this same moment, cold damage from charms is added, as this doesn't come from skill, it isn't multiplied by your mastery - again like an enchantress.

P.S. That one huge necromancy of an very old thread that isn't a guide. If you have one of these question it's better to post them in one of the guide found in the sticky. Not only will have you a higher chance of getting a good answer though you will help others by keeping the information organised aswell.


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Re: [Build] FAzon

Thanks NASE. That was very helpful.
It seems to make sense with the splash damage counting as the skill.