Bugged nonladder items on useast ><`


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Bugged nonladder items on useast ><`

I saw an assassin on useast ladder in a dueling game wearing an amulet that I had seen in a "do not trade" list for nonladder on another site (assuming it was a dupe)

Storm Hide

+2 to Assassin skills
+20 to strength
+17 to dex
+59 to life
+58 to mana
+20% resist all

It was on a Whirlwind Assassin who also had some new popular duped boots.

There is only one point in time that I know of where items could be exported from nonladder to ladder and that was a 5 minute window of opportunity of either ladder season 1 or 2 (can't remember).

Do you people think that this was from that one 5 minute gliche?