Bugged 40ed/10min jewels...


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Hi everyone!

My 09 bvb ed/max max armor is bugged too.
Anyone tried to socket jewels in 1.10 and can tell me if it works with stuff that is socketed after patch.
Please also tell me if you used new 1.10 jewels or the old 1.09 ones for socketing?
Because i want to know if it would work when socketed again after patch. And if it only works with new 1.10/old legit/old dupe jewels.

Please post your experiences.



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They don't work period B, whether you did it before or after the patch, and likewise it doesn't matter when the jewels were found. They're all bugged/nerfed the same way. I've tested it myself with 1.10 jewels from my loader in 1.10 items.

Your best bet is 40/9 ed/str jewels for whirlers, and 40/15 ed/ias jewels for conc/zerkers.



It is NOT THE JEWELS that are buggy, it is the combination of Enhanced Damage and +MAX or +MIN on a non-weapon.
For instance, if you put a 40% ED jewel into an 08 arreats, the broken damage boost is manifested because 08 arreats has +max per clvl.