Bug with Act 5 merc


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Bug with Act 5 merc

My Wind Druid is going fairly well, now into the 70s.

Since Act 5 Normal he has had a Barb merc, Uther.

I've noticed that that latter half of Act 5 and all of Nightmare whenever my merc would level up he would automatically lose half of his hit points. This would happen even when he was not surrounded my monsters, if my Tornado finished off a straggler for example.

Is this bug known? It is annoying to have him level up during a frantic battle, and then I have to immediately feed him a potion or he succumbs.

And Barb mercs are fun and different.


Jak said:
Yes, I do have an active Oak Sage.

What does this do to my merc?
It increases the max life. Likely he just needs to 'heal' the bonus life from the Sage.


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You will also find this same effect if a merc has BO on him at the time of his level up:) - A merc will automatically revert to his unmodified maximum Hitpoints when he levels.

Just feed him a couple of pots or take him to the relevant healer and he will be fine.


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I'd just like to add that the Barb merc sorta doesn't recover from this UNTIL you feed him a pot. It's like he hasn't realized he's not at max life.

So yeah. If your Act 5 merc levels up, and he had BO or sage on him, pass a pot his way. It kickstarts the healing process and soon he's full of life again.