Bug about Nature Peace ring?


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Bug about Nature Peace ring?

Wonder is this a bug or not....

My friend told me he wear nature peace ring, got kill in hell while IM. He return to his corpse, cant equip back the corpse. Only can do it in new game, however, no experience lose for him.. funny...

Anyone got similar experience?

maybe the mod Slain Monsters Rest In Peace .hmm..
anyone can verify?


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There are many bugs still out there and I don't know of any like this related to Nature's Peace. What makes you or your friend think that it has anything to do with the ring?


Maybe the game thought he was a slain monster.

Though, wouldn't that only work if he killed himself...

But how could he kill himself...

Ah forget it. I'll stop now before I go crosseyed.

Aron Figaro

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Only if you're (A) using it when you're a high level when you should be using something better, or (B) an idiot who doesn't realize when your health is low, you should down a pot and NOT sacrifice on the nearby monsters, LOL...

It would be interesting to see if that's actually the case though...still a great ring tho.