Budget Poison Necro

Ash Housewares

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Budget Poison Necro

Well I quit for a long time, came back and found alot of my stuff gone, including alot of my prized necro gear, it wasn't great, but I was attached to it.

Anyways, considering a necro build I always wanted to try, and 1.10 synergies make it possible

It is my goal to run around spewing poison nova while crying like a sissy as people try to kill me and to then fire them to death as the poison has exacted it's toll. So I'm thinking, either bomb them to death with fire golem or maybe some trang partial set stuff, fire wall perhaps?

I'm trying to figure out which gear to shoot for, because right now I have very little!

I've got
+3PN 2 socket wand
suicide branch

I've got NOTHIN
but I'd like to get a 1.10 trang totem

aha! I've got Trang gloves!

I've got plenty sojs, maybe a cast ring, ravenfrost

I got nothin'

I just found waterwalks... that's about it

I've got 1 shako... erm...

all gone

I've got a 27% mara's

I've got enigma, some shafts, GA

well, I don't have much now, but I'm working on it, I can probably get ahold of any reasonably priced items

anyone have any thoughts on my plan? what should I use?

as for skills, nova, dagger, & explosion

and there is alot of flexibility after that, if I wanted to have some second rate bone skills and find marrowwalks or just power up bone armor & its synergies, I don't intend to sink alot of points into Lower Resist or the summon tree, just getting to fire golem and skimping on the rest

any input? thankies!


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If it was me Ash, I would go with skeles as support, but you don't want that.

Get a nice merc, such as Defiance or Holy Freeze.

If you have Enigma... it's not really budget buddy hehe.

Sell that Enigma for bramble or if you plan to mf with him, keep the Enigma so you can teleport.

What realm are you on? If I remember you are USwest, so I can't really help you there, but others such as BB or Lyte_Hammer and more would prob help you out.

Use Wizspike or a "White" Wand

You have good stuff, not elite like my Psn Mancer :wink2: , but you can do well.


Edit: oh and Revived can be better meat walls. Lots of life (though, lower damage)


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Heheh, looks what happens when I click on thread links...it brings up my other member name. :p

Looks pretty cool Ash, all you need is a good sheild and some sweet charms, really, to be decent. I'm amking a poison mancer (or was;) ) and I don't have top stuff...

Pure PvM Ash? Mf any? That will effect a few choices...

I'm going for bone armor synergies, myself, becasue I plan to duel with my guy a little. Skeletons with poison do rock, however. Revives are your best best for solid meat walls with an enigma though...

Heck maybe I will log in tonight.:cool:
Do you play on West? Post you * and join our party. :drink:


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Dosn't "spamming" PN resest it's timer, reducing damage? My question is do you have to wait until monsters arn't green any more or does it work fine spamming?


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if your doing pvm, those rare mega poison immunes will be fun to deal with (doors in act 5 own me) having a high level corpse explosion will allow you to nuke alot of the immunes, assuming you can get that first magical corpse

Ash Housewares

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my sincerest apologies for not mentioning, this will likely get pvp use

the enigma currently resides on my MF hammerdin, he will probably play too great a role in financing this necro to risk trading it away

bramble is something to consider down the road

and yes, I am on US West

and I spam because its pvp and PN lags plenty and I want to be sure to hit them :lol:


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I forget you Druid freaks are all PvP...I mean you Druids are PvP freaks

Kbob do a frigid highlands quest and you'll see what he's talking about

Ash Housewares

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its a strategy rpg, the main char is the dood in my 'tar

it's probably right up a necromancer's alley, the main char is the prince of the underworld


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No frigid quest + Enigma = done...

Just port, port, port... look Babas!, port, port, port, ... look babas!.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Ash, keep the eniggy for PvP. Though you will have more damage through bramble, for PvP of most kinds (unless you are goin honor), then enigma will be gold.



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Well it seems you have it covered ash. But there is ONE weapon you really want and that's deaths web...it owns for a pnecro...period. I went the summonless route too...Put some points in bone wall (like it waaay better than revives...I can put the wall where i want it and the wall dont get lost...so I dont have to walk everywhere) Then I put rest of my points in spirit...cuz spirit is cool and with syns from marrow and wall I do about 1k dam...so fst cast is the key to damage here. Anyhooo it's just a secondary attack so who cares.... BTW, took on a bowazon today and owned her little fat a$$....can you tell I hate zons...

Ash Housewares

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I see that, and I'll confess, I'm a good bow drop away from ditching this and making a zon, I had three zons survive my account deletions

and death's web, yup, ain't got one, but if I did, that'd be where it went

~Kazama Fury~

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why not trade those zon stuff for the necro? come on ash, u know u want to make a necro.

if you want to make a poison necro, i feel only the best gear can fair well compared to a budget bone necro. =/

if you're curious about my psn nec on ladder, his gear, stat, and what not, feel free to ask, ill log on and post them.


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budget gearz

you said that you didn't have a belt right? Just try to craft a caster belt.
we all know the recipe....Ral+jewel+magical lightbelt/sharkskin..etc..+Perf amethyst. This will give you added mana, mana regen and a possible 10% FCR and sometimes you get lucky and get resists or added HP/NRG.
yep i got nothing else. :sleep: