budget assasin? help?


budget assasin? help?

well i am extremely limited in funds as of today so i am going to make a trapper to try and mf, the build i have in mind is as follows...will i stand a chance at all?


Strength: 110 (ill need this much for tgods but after that evrything should be taken care of
Dex: 75 (for wizspike)
Vit: Everything Available
Energy: i was thinking base but because of how poor i am, maybe 50 would be better?

Skills...the usual fully synergized lightning trapper...or is there a better choice for me?

Helmet: anything i can get my hands on, im thinking a rare? or crafted circlet?
Armor: if i try hard or get free i could probably get a magi
Wep: Wizspike
Shield: anything i can get, probably a rare or a sigon if i can get free
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Tgods
Ring: a little rare with res and some stuff, and the other will be whatever i can get
Ammy: a rare paladin ammy with 1 skill and fcr and all res...ill use that or trade it for an assn ammy
Boots: whatever i can get my hands on, probably a rare with faster run

this is on east softcore ladder, im just wondering, will i be able to kill nm pindle? or something? or even Hell? will I be able to run any bosses?

thanks for advice


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trapsins are good for those ppl that can't get a lot of stuff, but you would do a lot better if you had stuff...but it will work. you might have a bit of trouble w/ hell (lightning resis). but you should do ok... try and trade for an ammy that has resis's, and +sin skills/trap skills (shouldn't be too hard to find). you might have trouble soloing hell, but if you go w/ a party, you should do fine. i would recommend doing a light/fire trapsin mix, one element in hell just doesn't cut it. Good Luck

edit: tearhaunch/gore riders for boots (tearhaunch is cheaper). if you can, upgrade 'em.


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A trapper assassin will work even with nothing but blue gear.

My lightning assassin simply has two cunning claws (+3 traps tree), a cunning circlet and amulet for about +12 to traps, and it seems to work fine.

A trap assassin has several good points:
-relative safety. You can lay traps up front and keep running around while the traps ZAP monsters, with no need to stop and recast
-if you do get into a tough spot, fade will give you the resists against ranged attackers and cloak of shadows will keep the monsters away
-since you can ignore most defences all that matters are +skills and as these can easily be purchased or gambled, you really do not need all that much in terms of wealth
-since claws can be bought, while the other class specifics must be found, finding a reasonable set of weapons is no trouble
-the armour can be MF dedicated

I made myself a lightning trapper, and I can walk around nightmare, more or less. I even forgot to actually turn players to 1 when entering hell difficulty and just wondered why the killing is so slow. The summoner necromancer had to quit quickly when the skeletons were getting nowhere...


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For leveling purposes keep Death Sentry in mind. If you can kill one of baals Hell minions then DS will be able to clear them all for you.

And unless you want more only 1 point in DS is needed.