Broken nose


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Broken nose

How does one know they have a broken nose other than an x-ray?

Friday night, Samara and I were playing and she reared her head back and hit me square in the nose. A crunch sounded and blood spurted.

It is still very painful to touch. If it is broken, how long will it be before the pain goes away?

Week or two, ... if ya don't tweak it again. You know about sore fingers, right? You always hit the sore one. Murphy's Law.

So, is your schnozz crooked?


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No, she hit it head on. Right now, I can't even blow my nose without pain and thats not good for someone with allergies.

A doc really can't do much for a broken nose, correct, unless it is really crooked and needs to be reset.
The only time I have ever seen a doctor do anything for a broken nose is if it is obviously crooked.

I would say just leave it alone and try not to mess with it. She might have just bruised it badly(happens a lot in wrestling) in which case it will take a week minimum to stop hurting. Or she might have fractured it a bit, then I really have no idea, probably a good while like when you hurt your tail bone.

Until then, take some Tylenol and try not to touch it.
I suggest you get one of those clear plastic masks that basketball players wear after a facial injury. I mean you may look like Hannibal Lecter, but you can get back at Samara by chasing her around saying you're going to have her for lunch.


it doesn't matter. i broke my nose when i was twelve, went to the doctors, and came back with painkillers and gauge in my nose. i was told that, because my nsoe is not bone, it couldn't much be helped by anything but time. hang in there zodiac.


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Steve_Kow said:
Do you have two black eyes? That's a common symptom of a broken nose IIRC.

If your not 100% sure its broken see a doctor, even if he cant do anything for it he can at least clear the issue up. :)