Broadcast vs. Cable TV

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Broadcast vs. Cable TV

Last summer, Fox aired a show called Bonzai, which was basically a spoof of those weird Japanese game shows that I'm sure Durf or PLF can describe. Anyway, the host was this older Japanese man whose catch phrase was to say, in a thick Japanese accent, 'Place your!'. The reason why he said that was to get people to 'bet' on the outcome of these weird and sometimes goofy events that the show set up. I saw the show a few times, and while I thought it was quirky, I wasn't personally offended by the host or the show itself. I could see why some people would, though. But apparently enough people did think it was offensive, so Fox cut the show. Whether or not they would have done it anyway (since it was a summer show) is debatable, but the 'cloud of offensiveness' hung over the show whenever it aired.

Now, Spike TV has this show called Most Extreme Challenge, or MXC for short. Basically it's a re-dubbing (done by I think 3 or 4 people) of clips from a real Japanese game/reality show. They don't have thick accents or anything, but almost every joke that they say is sexual or not-so-subtle innuendo. Most of it isn't repeatable here, but I will say I was pretty surprised that they got away with airing it on TV.

Now, I'm not a prude or anything, but I'm curious as to why Bonzai gets this uproar with news stories about offensiveness while MXC, which IMO is way more blatant, flies under the radar? Is it the fact that MXC is 'only' on cable TV, and they get lower standards? Or is it that because MXC is so blatant, people know it's a spoof while Bonzai was not as subtle and people couldn't figure it out? I would like to get some other people's opinions on this.

I LOVE MXC. That show is so funny hahahahahahahahaha. Me and a friend always do MXC style commentary in PE when we play basketball.

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All I know is that Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is originally called Takeshi's Castle or something similar to that, and it's one of the best shows ever.


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Ah, love that show. (Do you get the original UK version or d'you get a US one with different G-list celebs doing weird stuff?)


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Me and a friend always do MXC style commentary in PE when we play basketball.
Haha, me and one of my friends do the same thing, except in any situation.

"Right you are, Kenny!" :lol:


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I love that show!!! The commentators are such pervert's and call me racist but its funny seeing chinese people getting hurt for money.


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haha yeah MXC is great.. they need a 24 hour MXC channel. Every once in awhile they'll have a marathon on Spike TV and I just sit there and watch the hilarity unfold.

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Most Extreme Challenge is pretty entertaining, and it's on Spike, so it can be screwy and get away with it, watch South Park & Chapelle Show on Comedy Central, basic cable can do whatever it wants now it seems, doesn't bother me


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I think it makes sense cable gets a lot more slack. You can parent block cable, or just cancel it, or just that channel. Hence the parents have absolute control over their kids watching it, so there's no need for an uproar.