Break Point % and MF %


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Break Point % and MF %

I would like to know how does Break points and MF % add up..

let say if I need 125% FCR bp, and my gears adds up to 124%. does that statisfies the 125% fcr requirement? does Diablo 2 round numbers up?

same with MF, does a 49% war trav same as 50%?

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Re: Break Point % and MF %

You need 125% FCR or more, 124% is not enough.
Also there are a lot of "breakpoints" for MF, people usually are not aware of them and just pack as much MF as possible (while maintaining good killing speed). (these BPs are different for set and unique items. for magic (blue items, there are none)

EDIT: What I meant by MF BPs - it's caused by calculating the effective MF.
With 49MF, you will have 40% effective better chance to find unique items, 44% to find set items.
With 48MF, you will have the same 40% effective better chance for uniques, only 43% to find sets...

if I still don't sound clear, check my MF guide for exact calculation of MF.