Brand new to Diablo!


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Re: Brand new to Diablo!

Sadly yes. The only things of value you list are perfect diamond, ral, thul and junk jewels (magic jewels with no real use). You may be able to get the peasant crown and frostburns with this stuff, but probably not the vipermagi. If you can make it to nightmare baal, you will have more to trade by pricking up flawless gems in baal runs and cubing them to perfect. There is also a good chance that your nightmare hellforge drop (act 4, quest 2) will yield a rune that is valuable enough to get a vipermagi or an occulus. Finally, post on the low level items fund in the soceress forum. Some generous people give away their lower level gear once they obtain the elite uniques or runewords that they were looking for.