Brand new to D2


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Hello all,

I started playing yesterday Diablo 2. I have never played the game before and I am totally clueless about what comes ahead. I hope to complete the game unspoiled, then start researching. I play offline with Plugy and my first ever character is a paladin. The only thing I use as spoiler is a build guide concerning Frost Zealot paladin (,_by_Kitriara). Can I keep this thread as a forum diary of my doings?

Cheers and thanks for having me!


Hi there! PlugY isn't an accepted mod here, and is considered a cheat actually. Please feel welcome to discuss any character that doesn't use it, though. Thanks!


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Oh. I am sorry. Then I will start another character without it. Thanks for letting me know.


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if you follow the link smloeffelholz has given you, you will eventually end up here

Where a lot of single player minded people are. There are some rules concerning the forum though, however just read and enjoy it you will love it for sure!