Bramble vs ED/Max vs Enigma


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Bramble vs ED/Max vs Enigma

I wanna know the good and bad of these armor. if can someone help me there i would be thankful (does that expresion exists??) i wanna know the best of these 4 a ww sin.


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Use enigma and get 65 FC. This is the best choice. Even if you don't do the "ghost" build or any other similar build.

The max doesn't transfer to kicks and the ED is a minimal help.

Bramble gives decent poison damage but you are so slow you might as well paint a big bull's eye on your back. Further, you are mostly unable to catch anyone with good mobility except through luck.

You CAN use both enigma and bramble, but there is no one you can kill with bramble that you can't kill with enigma. And the enigma can save you a huge amount of life by building in the strength.


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enigma is the best armor you can duel anyone with it
bramble is good for random pubs and lets you kill some melee quikcer
ed/max is a joke now because it just boosts physical damage but in this patch venom is the main source of damage for pvp sins


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Bramble all the way dudes.
7.2 k -> Chaos
6.8 k -> Fury

-> 14 k WW


most baba's do 4-5 k WW...

and against soso's : just wait until they make a mistake... :clap: