Bramble Armor is BM or not ??


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I personally say Yes. Reducing Leech even further is unfair Vs melee.

Isn't it just BM to use skills not associated with your class?? Ex: Amp from Atma's Ammy or Charges.

BM in my mind.


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Thorns actually got a boost compared to 1.09 because the DR is capped to 50%.

Now suppose you have a level 20 thorns, then you have 1010% damage return. That is lowered to 1/10th of the value because it's pvp and it is affected twice by 50% Damage Reduction. What you're left with is still 25% damage returned.

The important part is if this damage is also affected by the pvp penalty. If it is, then the damage counters about 4% to 5% leech. If not, then it counters 25% leech. I think it still looks significant to me either way.


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Pent said:
it is effected.
And for that reason it's rather useless ;)

@alain i'd only consider something BM if it's overpowered. Atma's triples your damage -> overpowered. Life tap (draculs, exile) fills your life bulb in 1 or 2 hits -> overpowered. Chance to cast enchant on lavagout for 40 fire damage (in .09, the added ar in 1.10 is debetable) doesn't matter.


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It depends if you duel in a private league or not. If you duel in public, there are teleporting hammer pallas and teleporting bonemancers, so if you want to use Bramble who is going to complain? The guy teleporting around?

Also, 60% of most public duelers are either: Hammer Pallas/ FoH pallas/ Necro

so it doesnt make that big of a difference.

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for private dueling, i would consider it BM

for pub dueling, anything goes, some if not most, do not have the decency of respect.


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chance to cast enchant could be considered BM
or if you used demon limb for the lvl 23 enchant (tons of AR)
its using another skill you dont have to dramatically increase your chances of "pwning" in pvp.


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Yes... and you're an elemental Damage attacker... meaning Thorns has very little effect on you, KillFrenzy.

Not the same thing as a Maul Bear, Conc Barb, Zealot....

In legit PvP... as was stated in the Question, Meaning Private Legit Dueling leagues, it's not right if you're facing Physical Damage melee chars. Ranged/Ranged Casters is fine.

In Public Games... as long as you're not hacking his comp to freeze him and win the duel (or using 3rd party programs), anything goes in terms of Gear or Strat. It's basically just a bar fight... not a gentleman's duel.


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yeah i know. I guess i kinda meant to say that fireclaws works nicely on them. My brain only really starts working in the afternoon