Bramble and poison skill with venom question


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Bramble and poison skill with venom question

I'm not sure if this belongs here if it doesn't mods please place it where it does belong ( and let me know where it went) thank you. :embarassed:
My question is about Bramble and the poison skill damage. I have maxed my venom on my sin ( made a monk sin with a few personal changes). Will Bramble increase the venom skill or the damage to any significance? :undecided: I know its pretty much a waste of time to use any poison charms because the increase in skill or damage is negligable; extremely slight, making it not really worth the space used ( better off using the space with life charms or fire,cold ot light dmg charms depending on your preference) But with bramble will it make it worth the trouble of making and using the armor?
Bramble sports a 100% to poison skill damage which is great 4 a poison abd bone necro and poison types but venom is basically in a class by itself. CAn someone give me an educated answer to this ( according to bnet etc not a guess and/or a, it should) because I don't want to waste the runes in a bramble to discover I just wasted my time and should have used a fort.:hanky:
Thank you


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Level 15-21 Thorns Aura When Equipped (varies)
+50% Faster Hit Recovery
+25-50% To Poison Skill Damage (varies)
+300 Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 5%
Regenerate Mana 15%
+5% To Maximum Cold Resist
Fire Resist +30%
Poison Resist +100%
+13 Life After Each Kill
Level 13 Spirit of Barbs (33 Charges)

Up to 50% to poison skill damage. Yes, it will increase your Venom damage by the listed %, and still over 0.4 seconds. Also consider Trang gloves which will add another 25% to that total.


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It kind of depends on your other gear. You're using a monk, thats a kickassasin right? Is it for ubers or pvp?


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well I said it depends on gear, are you using a lw or a beast? ss or pheonix? kiras or coa or sin circlet? maras or metalgrids or angelics? gores or ss or treks? etc.

Basically, the increase in poison damage is alot more than the increase you will get in melee kick damage from fort, but it depends on whether or not you need the life and res from fort. If you dont, I would use bramble over fort


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I don't have it all together yet but i will be using a maras, I'll have a torch and anni. I'll be using shadow dancers prob dracs 4 gloves but thats still in the air I'll be wearing a duel leech ring so i needent worry anout mana and i'll have a ravens. helm i might go with a kiras or gilliums for the leach and xtra cb I'l have either duel venom chaos claws or a jade and venom claw as my main weaponry I don't like coa so i won't use that. The shield well Iwas leaning twards a spirit for the skills but might go with dragon or phoenix I'll have to see how my resists stack. Thats about how far i've gotten. She has a few levels to go before she can wear everything to try it. shes only 67 and just about to leave nm


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So what would be the ultimate Venom setup?

Shadow dancers
+ skill ring
Raven (CBF)
(2) +3 shadow skill claws for switch
Helm ?
suggestions? I can make up the resists w/ fade or other charms

Bramble over Nats armor?


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for gloves I advise draculs, speaking from experience. This was a hard build to make work when I made it, just because I was so poor. But I managed to kill the ubers once I ditched trangs and got draculs for the open wounds.

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the +posion dmg mod is applied twice, once when u cast it and then again when it strikes the bad guy, personally i wouldnt bother with forti unless u want the defence bc the dmg mod is nerfed in the dmg equation nd so u wont get as much ud think,
eni offers more dmg bc of the +str which is factored into the equation.
ok so for poison dmg the key compotents are

-trangs gloves

i would advise against chaos in a +vemon claw bc i can b prebuff so easily, twin +vemon on switch will benefit u just as much as ur primary claws. although if u do go this route then i would say that ud want a chaos and a fury claw so that you reach the breakpoints for kicking

although every1 says that vemon messes up the +poison dmg it doesnt basically the game reduces the duration to the shortest length and then applies it

so if u have 270 over 10 secs
then that 27 over 1 sec
2.7 over 0.1 secs
10.8 over 0.4 secs
so ur sc would add a grand total of 10.8 dmg,

but bear in mind, that if ur still hiting 10secs l8r 270 would have been applied
but over that same time a lvl 20 vemon with no other mods would have applied 10625 dmg

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ive posted twice 2 break this down a bit, it was getting 2 long

ive just reread thread, this is for ubers right?
then a set of changes is needed, basically vemon, like other elemental attacks is mostly ineffective,

the requirements for ubers are simple
-life tap
-crushing blow
-fast attack
and enough ar 2 hit consisently,

dtalon provides lots of ar,

basic set up
guil face,
upped gores/shaddow dancers,
black rw fail, (other options, i use doom personally but this is a gud starter weapon)
res/life amu (not sacarcens tho its im can be deathly 2 urself and its annoying),
raven + dwarfs/manald heal/wisps/rare 2 make up for life/res/str etc
use manald heal if u dont have mana leech else where
duress/lion heart/smoke(ultimate for cheap res)/COH/(lion heart is a better option than forti)
charms, lots as much res/life as possible
lots of pots, but take all types, nothing is more deadly than running out of mana, and u can waste full rejevs very quicky

ok, nxt is ur IAS, if ur using fade then ull n 2 check how ur doing for the breakpoints as a fast attack is 1 of the keys 2 beating them,

ur cb count should b at least ~60%

erm i prob 4got something, but some 1 will point it out