BOYS with BOWS(tournament)


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BOYS with BOWS(tournament)

Hi I'm Smilts and I'm really very new around here. Well I was reading around and looked into the tournament listing thread and thought why not one more. So without any delay heres my idea.
1 intro
2 winning
3 rules (cause its good in these things to have rules) 4 restrictions to class skill placement
4 what you get if you win, and signnups

Introduction: I've had a thing for bows for the last little while and most of the characters have a decent build around the bow. So I thought why not limit what can be done with the character. And lets just see who can do the best with those limitations and a bow.

Winning: Will be based on having the highest points after one month.
Being the first to post that they beat NORMAL baal will get 15 points, second gets 10, all others get 5. Being the first to post that they beat NM baal will earn 25 points, 15 points will go to second, 10 to the rest. Being the first to at least fight baal in HELL will get you 50 points, second 35, all others 25.
Certain gear finds will earn you points also and will be listed below. You may run bosses all you would like with no penaltys or gains. Andy, Durial, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal all can be run endlessly if you wish. Pindle, Pits, Cow lvl, will all be restricted to 5 runs with every run there after costing 3 points. No other areas may be rerun. Also by the ending date of the tournament, any quest's through normal and nightmare unfinished will cost 5 points to be deducted from your score.

1. only male lvl 1.SC untwinked vanilla characters will be allowed to enter

2. Characters may only carry Bows, Crossbows

3. skill placement (where it gets wierd)You will have a total of 80 skill points to use. They can be used in any two trees of your choice, in the following order.
1 skill in each tree must have 20 points
1 skill in each tree must have 10 points
1 skill in each tree must have 5 points
The last 10 points can be used as you see fit to fill prereqs or one point wonders. The exception is a barb who will have 80 points 40 per tree but may choose how to spend those 40 points.

4. the bow is your weapon the only one you may carry. It can be switched out with whatever other bow you like, but it must be used as a ranged weapon. And must actually be used as a means of attack..

Restrictions to Class skill placement:
1. Druids will only have a choice between 2 trees, summons and elemental. .
2. Paladins will have a choice between all three trees. However, Conversion if chosen will have to be done bare fisted.
5 points only may be placed in each Blessed Hammers, Fist of the Heavens, Resist cold, R fire, R lite
3. Necromancers will have two trees somewhat restricted. 10 points only may be placed in Bone Spirit, Bone Spear, Skeletons, Skeleton mages, and Teeth.

Rewards and signups: If there is any interest I would like it to be setup where we create a stash to store goods in. The goods would be any uniques or greens found during the course of the tournament. If we find duplicates of the same uniques or greens, we only stash one copy. Which might mean finding and giving some nice gear to the winner. Signups should be nice and neat
SPF name: Smilts
name: ImHe
class: necromancer
Tournament signup will be from today until next saturday 9-16-06. Tournament play will go from 9-16-06 until 10-16-06. Also you can email me at smiltstomb(at)yahoo(dot)com Sorry for any and all typing mistakes.

We are not just stuck playing with only bows for our weapons but the main way to gain points will be by finding bows. You are allowed to gain points off of two of each kind of bow in the list, 1 for the reward stash and 1 for yourself. However the second one will gain you less points than the first.

Elite:----------1st 2nd
Wind Force----150--100
Widow Maker---65--35
Eagle Horn-----25--15
Gut Syphon----25--15
Hell Rack-------25--15

Exceptional:---1st 2nd
Gold Strike-----10--5
Mage Wrath----10--5
Cliff Killer-------10--5
Witch Wild-----15--10
Kuko Shakaku--15--10
Rip Hook-------10--5
Sky Strike------10--5
Pus Spitter----15--5
Langer Briser--10--5

Normal:-------1st 2nd
Blast Bark-----3--1
Hell Clap------3--1
Wizen Draw---5--3
Storm Strike--3--1
Rogues Bow---5--3
Raven Claw---3--1
Wither String-3--1
Pluck Eye-----3--1
Doom Slinger--3--1
Hell Cast------3--1
Ichor String---3--1
Lead Crow----5--3
No clue how I managed to get those points webble wobbly really though sorry it is so messy