Bows are boring?

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Bows are boring?

Are bow amazons boring or what, ive been playing mine to lvl 14 and im seriously bored of this char here

or maybe just the game.... doing same quests over and over can only go so far :eek:

well? i think il delete it and try javilin duno.


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bows get good at lvl 18. At lvl 18 u can also use ur first decent 1. Bowazons don't need to use bows early, I switched in act IV. At lvl 14, u can get by on a decent melee weapon. Quest stuff works well (hammer/flail).
No i dont have much of a problem redoing the character, ive already added 7 to ice arrow or w/e it was called

but i think il switch.. i cant imagine at the end

PvM - Freezing arrow a million times
PvP - Guided arrowa million times



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Sounds like flame-bait to me...

I've been playing 'zons for about 3 years, so: yes, it is just you or just the game.


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If bows are boring to you, then don't play them, what doesn't appeal to you might appeal to others.


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Personally i think any character using a bow is MUCH more fun than a meel char. At least they dont just shift-attack.

I like actually having to move around and picking the right targets (With non amazon bow chars), But no, Bow Ama's arent boring.

So as one poster already said.

Yes its just you.



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