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Hi. I haven't played this game in ages, so pardon me if I forgot some stuff.

I'm looking to start playing a Bowazon that relies of multishot + something. I want to be able to play at /players 8 all the way. Is multishot even a good skill to be using for this purpose, since it doesn't increase AR or dmg. How should I skill her.

Any tips on how to start, items to get etc? I do recall getting a 3soc Armour and helm or something and putting all my chipped topaz early on. What else? :S


No longer playing bowazon heh.
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I like multishot but strafe is generally easier to use efficiently, especially since you will be able to apply prevent moster heal or open wounds with every hit (these will help a lot and poison is not enough with all imunnes). Multishot is good foor hardcore since you stand in one spot less time.

Frozen Arrow is probably easiest with huge damage and freezing. Immolation Arrow prevents healing since it burns continuosly so its Worth at least one point I think.

Guided Arrow, while not so guided, is still great against ancients and bosses. Its a great skill for picking of key targets and I recommend it despite the limited range of use. Also a good tool for sniping off screen.

Buy a socketed hunters bow and stuff some gems in the beginning. Run the countess for Ral runes to upgrade (adds to splash damage for exploding arrow so even one point in it is good early on) Tir runes are effective as well since the physical damage is too low for notable leeching.

The Peace runeword allows for a tough valkyrie at least from early nightmare while you can spend skill Points on other things.

Best thing though, is to read the untwinked bowazon threads.


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Untwinked bowazon on pl8 will be a struggle. Bowazon needs a good bow to be effective and that is hard to find untwinked. For stats I would put 100 points to vitality for some safety, strength to wear equipment and rest to dexterity for damage.


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I'm currently playing untwinked bowa, now solved Anya quest on normal diff.
No way to do it on p8. Even on p1 it takes ages to kill some monsters because it is not exactly easy to find solid bow. I'm currently using Zephyr runeword in some fastest normal base. Edge is better choice, but I'm stubbornly farming Amn rune instead of hitting Countess and cube it up lol.

Multishot is my choice to kill monsters. First I gather them up, then multishot them down. Yes, mana potions and decent mana (currently having 150) is needed to be able to multishot at all. But, without that kind of strategy, multishot is not exactly good. Going around firing random multishot might not exactly work, but if you first gather tons of monsters, then multishot coupled with pierce is nice and fast way of killing.

For a second skill, I'm using combo of Strafe/Guided, but mostly Guided because Strafe is too passive and too inaccurate for my taste.

I've chosen bowazon for untwinked play because she actually seems like a decent challenge, and I mean pure physical bowazon. That being said, I have no idea how will I be able to find bow strong enough to kill Zombie on hell diff in reasonable amount of time. ^^

Fight with Diablo and Ancients took a while. I've used switch trick with Malice runeword to my advantage. Bad damage boost, but whatever works. My armor of choice is Stealth because movement speed is very nice and helpful. Plan is to craft knockback gloves eventually, then in some magical way to rise both damage and movement speed.
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Just to reiterate, pure physical bowazons are VERY gear dependent, probably more so than any other amazon builds.
You will more than likely have to stop at NM meph/pindle for a gear upgrade.
I would suggest you farm NM meph for either the witchwildstring or the infamous buriza.
Either of those bows are good enough to get you through hell.

That being said, /p8 is doable for normal and nm, but Hell is near impossible without an insane amount of patience for farming and slugging through the maps. Most people progress at /p8 for normal/nm and p/1~3 for Hell and still consider it a feat to Mat a bowazon untwinked.

Lastly, three 'general-rule-of-thumb's for an untwinked bowazon.
1) use Decoy
decoy placement can make or break a fight;
it could take pressure off the merc, it could cover your back in case you get boxed in from both sides;
it could be used to lure mobs one way or another; and so on.
tbh decoy is one of the best, if not the best, summons in the game. so use it!

2) get Knockback
bowazon with knockback - and possibly with a source of slow via slow affix or cold damage -
is quite essential to survival.
Paired with well placed decoys, your bowazon should never a hit.

3) up Pierce
even though pierce does not directly increase the damage you deal, it will increase your kill speed tremendously.
I believe it was 9 points into pierce + razortail that gives you a 100% chance to pierce.

that is all.
Good luck on your bowa and have fun. =)


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Sup ducko, untwinked p8 char is diificult no matter what class you choose. And a melee char is especially difficult becoz u needz a good weapon (Windforce anyone? lol) plus other gear has to be oriented towards dealing phys damage to be effective. Also u need to deal wit phys immunes. Is this HC? If not you can go all out wit wat u got. If it is HC you can always drop the player settings.


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I've made several untwinked bowazons on HC, here are some tips for multi pass. Single pass is almost undoable on P8 all the way, unless you have outworldly patience.

First of all, Normal Act I sucks. Keep every single damage charm you find. Max damage rings, amulets, topaz/ruby 3 socked Long Bow (bought from Gheed), stuff any damage/enhanced damage jewels in Helm/Armor. Early 4-5 points in Critical Strike. Farm Countess for Ort+Eth, make Zephyr in Composite/Long Bow. Alternative is 3 socked Ral/Ort rune bow. If you have the patience to run quest-bugged Andariel (when you first kill her, save and exit without going to town) farm The Hand of Broc. The mana leech is very useful later on.

Get Act II mercenary ASAP. He'll do most of the killing until you have enough mana/damage/leech to support Strafe. Go gambling and buy him a Poleaxe or Pike. Rare with ED is preferred. Keep looking for mana leech rings/amulets.

Edge RW in exceptional bow (they start dropping in early Act V) or Gamble rare bows with high ED and upgrade to exceptional. Quest-bug NM Andariel and farm Skystrike/Riphook/Kuko Shakaku. Start looking for exceptional Harmony RW Bases. You can then upgrade to elite base Harmony or farm NM Mephisto for Witchwild String or Buriza. Insight merc helps a bit if your mana pool is high-ish.

I can keep on writing but really these are the most important points. Get a high-damage bow, a strong Merc, Valk and Decoy. Knockback is a must later on. Cold damage/Poison damage/Open Wounds/Slow Target help A TON.

As far as skill points go with Strafe:
Strafe - 20
Penetrate - 20
Critical Strike - some or 20 (diminishing returns stop at ~13-14 as far as I can remember)
Pierce - some or 20 (Calculate how much you'll need if you have Pierce Target mod on an item /Buriza, Razortail etc/)
Decoy - ~10 (You can max it but I don't find it necessary)
Valk - 1 or 17 (with +skills) or 20
Freezing Arrow - 1 (optional, I don't like it)

STR - For items
DEX - All (SC) , For items (HC)
VIT - Some/None (SC), All (HC)

Strafe is your main attack 90% ot the time. Guided arrow for tough single targets if you can't stand your ground (Diablo, Ancients). Magic Arrow for Immunes, it's slow but it does the job, especially combined with Open Wounds.

Easily obtainable end-game worthy bows - Harmony RW in Elite Base, Witchwild String, Buriza, Silence RW in Elite Bow if you farm Lower Kurast chests and happen across Vex and Ist :p

Edit: Multishot is horrible for PvE unless you're heavily twinked. Some still prefer it, tho.
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Baaaaa. Thanks for replies.

I never liked Strafe. I guess I'll scrap trying Bowazon since main reason I wanna try Bowazon is multishot. I remember my old BNet Bowazon handling mobs easily probably because she was very well geared (dmg charms, faith, fortitude etc), and wanted to replicate her in SP.

Not sure if I should start another thread, but say if I want to play either a Zealot or Avenger, any advice on how I should build him and items to look for?


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The best reply I can give you is to link this. Find a build you like;
then read about what items/skills they've used, where they had trouble with, what they liked and disliked and much more.
It's usually the first place i go to when I want to start a new build.

It also has one or two postings about multishot bowazons, just FYI.

Edit: for one, here's a mat/pat thread for HC untwinked multishot bowazon. credit to @Maltatai
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