Bowazon vs. Javazon PVP


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Bowazon vs. Javazon PVP

Now that guided arrow no longer pierces, thus eliminating the buriza (100% pierce) and guided arrow combo for pvp, is bowazon still a viable option for pvp? What replaces guided arrow now that it's no longer as useful as before. Any suggestions for a bowazon build or know a v1.10 guide that are still very good for pvp? Or are javazons simply better for pvp. i would like to know whether bowazons or javazons are best at pvp and which subclass? Thanks in advance for any responses.


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cs zons can do a lot of dmg and usually can get 1-2hit kills in pvp on their first duel. but most ppl usually have some sort of lightning resist stashed away along with a thundergod's vigor. it'll usually take 4-5 hits after gear and resists and if your opponent is any good, that's enough time for them to kill your zon.

i personally have a ladder hybrid zon with 1 pt into jab. i switch to shield/jav when i'm being charged and i jab away. with my dmg setup, if i don't get charged locked, i'll be able to get them a good ways down. and when they retreat, i'll shoot em.

bowazons can make great mid lvl duelers. at around lvl 45, with max ga, 14-15 into crtical stike, points into passives, and lots of +max charms, you'll be able to kill lvl 70-80 characters if you play smart. you'll grab the regular sorc ear if they don't hug. (norm-nightmare)


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Sounds like a great lightning build, would u happen to have the skillpoints layed out and mapped out in a character build you could post in a reply? :) thanks


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1 point in all Prerequisites
20 points in critical strike
10 points in dodge
10 points in avoid
20 points in evade
1 point in decoy
1 point in valk
20 points into guided arrow
[if u do lvl up higher u can spent remaining skill points into dodge,avoid,whichever u prefer]

weapon 1:windforce socketed with shael
weapon 2: cta 1 handed with whistan's guard shield socketed with ber
ammy:cat's eye
ring1:raven frost
ring2:dwarf star/wisp projector or another raven frost
boots:war traveler
belt: verdungos with 15 dr
armour: ed/60ias armour preferbably with life
helm: crown of ages with 2 socket/15dr socketed with 2*ed/ias jewels

stats:[after u equip unique sc and all + stats items as much as possible]
enough str for equipment
enough dex for 75% block with whistan
rest into vitility
base energy

1 unique sc
enough 5fhr/resists sc to get to 86fhr frame recovery
if resists still arent maxed put a few life/resists sc's
1 290pdsc
rest with 3max/ar/life sc's and/or 3max/ar/frw sc's

you will shoot at 8 fps
have high life due to cta and heavy investment in vita
have good fhr/resists
30 dr in bow mode / 38 dr in shield mode

not exactly a guide but it's a build that would do fine in pvp
any other questions pm me