Bowazon Vs Dclone!!!!


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Bowazon Vs Dclone!!!!

Okay let me start this tail with my bowazon:

lvl 90, max strafe, ga, penetrate, about 6 in each d/e/a, 17 in valk, some in pierece, base vitality build, i can solo hell no problem with her

She uses:
Wf(shael)= 8ll
Raven frost 20 ddex, 221 ar
Dual leech ring= 6 ml. 7ll. 30 lite res, 10 psn res, half freeze duration
War Travs(32)
Nos coil(6 ll)
Torch 16/17
Anni 19/15/5
16x 3/20/ either 2 dex or frw scs
1 7 frw gc

merc: a1 cold arrow merc
Faith(14 fanat)
Bramble(20 thorns)

Okay so one day im minding my own buisness sitting and trying to level my merc in a1. All of a sudden i see the screen say diablo walks the earth....

I was like ****, what do i do? im like alright ill spawn him near Rakinushu in a1 stony field.....

So i take the wp to go meet dclone, i kill off rakinushu and his freinds and start to pound on dclone

Little effect.... i was leeching fine but little dmg was being done, he killed merc with his fire hose and was beating up valk.....

So i tp back to town go in my stash and ressurect my merc

I took my mercs guillieams face for the cb, i took of travs and put on gores, and then took of loh and put on dracs

So i go to meet dclone again, and of course any dmg i did was gone, so im likealright lets dance big man

So i started to strafe him to get a lifetap on him, after about the 3rd volley i got it.... walked up close to him and started to pound on him with guided arrow, not really bright i might say becuase he owuld hit me and al life was almost gone.... So i casted decoy and ran about half a screen away.... ressurected my valk and then started to pound on him again from a decent distantce away.... his life would drop alot faster now, becasue of my extra cb i got.

He deceieds to firehose me and well that was a pain in teh ***, becasue without kiras, well i was looking at about a 10 fire res in hell. So i was like this is fine, ill just run away and continue to shoot

about maybe 2 mins went bye and he was half way dead.... then my merc died!!!! I lost alot of ias from her faith and was thinkin of crap ill be fetilizer soon.....

Well i casted decoy and then valk again and ran away, with my life tap still kicking i was able to beat him in another minute or 2!!!!

It was a HARD BATTLE!!!!! never thought that cb was really that important but it effected it alot! he dropped a pretty crappy anni... 15/14/7 but still its a anni! (traded for 7 hrs)

So basically, if your going to battle dclone with a bowazon, use alot of cb, and get dracs it will help alot!!!

Hope this helps anybody!!


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I don't think Decoy works on Super Unique Monsters. How about this strategy: Stand to screens away and pelt guided arrows.


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it was first thing i thought of when i was getting owned, he didnt do much he boneprisoned my valk however and then hosed her but thats about it


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Great story. I use a dual leech bow to use non leech stuff-dwarf star, wisp, kira's, T-gods and Crescent moon for the extra magic damage reduced by...
I can hit often enough to leech and keep strafe working well. Its a fun event. Congrats on the solo kill.