Bowazon PVP Guide? (1.10)


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Bowazon PVP Guide? (1.10)

Is there a PVP 1.10 Bowazon guide out there? Can anyone help me out?

I'm totally lost especially in the skills and stats department. And


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So many variables.......

dexazon or vitazon or a mix

Hybred or bow only

What gear you use

Theres 09 guides out there, and those, for all purposes, should guide you enough for you to come here and ask specific questions. Look around the site some, youll find them.


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Sorry to post again, but I have another question.

Which is better? Strafe or Multishot?

And does a bowazon need any of the elemental skills?


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1 point in all Prerequisites
20 points in critical strike
10 points in dodge
10 points in avoid
20 points in evade
1 point in decoy
1 point in valk
20 points into guided arrow
[if u do lvl up higher u can spent remaining skill points into dodge,avoid,whichever u prefer]

weapon 1:windforce socketed with shael
weapon 2: cta 1 handed with whistan's guard shield socketed with ber
ammy:cat's eye
ring1:raven frost
ring2:dwarf star/wisp projector or another raven frost
boots:war traveler
belt: verdungos with 15 dr
armour: ed/60ias armour preferbably with life
helm: crown of ages with 2 socket/15dr socketed with 2*ed/ias jewels

stats:[after u equip unique sc and all + stats items as much as possible]
enough str for equipment
enough dex for 75% block with whistan
rest into vitility
base energy

1 unique sc
enough 5fhr/resists sc to get to 86fhr frame recovery
if resists still arent maxed put a few life/resists sc's
1 290pdsc
rest with 3max/ar/life sc's

you will shoot at 8 fps
have high life due to cta and heavy investment in vita
have good fhr/resists
30 dr in bow mode / 38 dr in shield mode