Bowazon/Jabazon Hybrid?


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Bowazon/Jabazon Hybrid?

Whilst I was day dreaming in school about how some Diablo characters would fare if grouped in an army (yes its the last day and I'm bored lol) and I immeadiatly thought of the flexibility of the Amazon. She can let loose hundreds of arrows in mere seconds, and then switch to either a Spear or Javelin/Shield combo and charge in, but I have a few questions.

Is there any reason why Strafe seems to be more popular for Bowazons than Multi shot? I know it gives you more + dmg (Multi actually lowers it) but if you couple multi-shot w/knockback, cold dmg and poison dmg, I think it could still be extremely effective just like in 1.09, or am I missing something?

For the melee part of the build, I am caught up on 2 things. First of all whether or not to go with a Spear or a Jav/Shield combo. I know most people don't make melee builds w/o shields anymore, but I always liked the Amazon only spears (like Lycanders). My seconds question for the melee switch is which Melee skill to use, Jab or Fend? I basically know how jab works, but I'm still in the dark about Fend. I started building a 2H Spear Fendazon on in 1.09 but after 1.10 and ladder I figured she wouldn't make it very far into Hell, but I never got her to use Fend, so some info about it would be good, as well as why one would be better than the other.

My basic strategy is to pound my enemies from afar with Multi-shot until they either close in upon me or until I've thinned their numbers enough to go get em. This may not be the most effective build but it will be great fun (just like my Fire/Summoner Druid, thanks AE for a great build!).

And most of all, hopefully it will net me my first Sp Matriarch and first Amazon to get past lvl 24, I just need to get my Mf sorc going.... god I hate sorceresses......


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Strafer costs less mana and does more damage. I think it's the lacking damage that makes less people use MultiShot now. With a good bow then, of course, it's stil viable.


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I fooled around with the Zon a lot in my bnet days..

I'd go with Jab. Fend isn't focused enough.

I always just liked Strafe more. Multi makes me feel like i'm playing...river raid or 1942 or something.

There's nothing wrong with no shield as long as you have the res/ac/hp to back it up. I think people opt for shields because of the opportunity to add modifers to their build.

I had a spearZon i took to lvl 50 something. Damage is nice, but (and this is the same thing about the pally for me) after awhile it gets kind boring. Also, wuith the dual build you'll find you won't be as effective as you could be if you focused on being either melee or ranged exclusively. But, if you have fun, who cares? :clap:


I believe that the 1.10 patch changed multishot, so that knockback and other mods are only carried by the two center arrows of the spray. Never tested this myself, but remember reading something about it. Might be more info over at the 'Zon forum.

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I think you could do a bowazon with strafe and freezing arrow, then lightning fury and a shield on the switch... that could be quite effective. Im currently running a frostmaiden through hell, due to cold immunes i am using t'gods for the LF, and titans and a shield on the switch... works well. The LF isnt really powerful enough on players8, but i was thinking about my next zon spreading points between freezing arrow, strafe, and LF... i guess id have to cut back on valkerie a abit and maybe some in cold arrow (synergy)... could be an interesting build. Pretty good for a hybrid, id say.


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I finished a lightning spearazon though hell. Going without a shield is no problem if you're aware of the differences. For one thing, you have 2-3 tanks, use them! Between jab and fend, jab basically allows you to focus on one opponent while fend focuses on the crowd. Due to the fend bug though, people prefer shields for fend. In both cases, speed is a lot more important than damage.

Little things abt fend:

Attacks each monster around you once (quickly)
If d/a/e animation comes into play during your fend, all the hits will miss during the fend cycle (ie. sitting duck)
You can skip d/a/e but
1) they're helpful for melee when you have low defense and no blocking
2) they are pre-req for valk.

Best would be to be standing behind your valk(or decoy/merc) and fend away without getting hit.

Multi-zons are still viable though its not the less damage that matters as much as ctc is limited to the centre 2/4 arrows (I'm nor sure). I also recall something about monsters cannot be hit by more than one(?) arrow at a time.