Bowazon in hell?


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Bowazon in hell?

I know this has been debated, but it's been a while and I'd like some fresh input on the subject.
Also, I'm mainly interested in hardcore, so if you have any particular hc-oriented thoughts then I'd gladly take part of them.

In my experience, a bowazon doesn't do enough damage for 8-player hell games, even with WF and a whole lot of IAS, and I've tried both multi and strafe. Does anyone have any other experience with this?

My second question is - if a bowazon actually IS viable in hell, what skill should I aim for? Max out strafe? Or put some points in strafe and some in multi? How about the passive skills, what percentage should I aim for the offensive ones there?

What about the valk? Should I try to get at least a skill lvl 17 valk, or am I better off putting the points in passive skills?

I understand that there aren't really any RIGHT answers here, but I want to take part of your experience. Please share it with me, and the rest of us!


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well i use a FA ama:

for more information pm and i send you a total build (And thread where build is in)

but i can do easy solo hell with her she use some more expensive stuff:
ICE gmb
infinity on merc
and then FA wich does rule actualy, you should try if you can afford

btw she does 2.15k dmg phys and 3k cold dmg (she is FA main and strafe for cold immunes and merc does tank good)

i hope this help pm for build~~ or if ya europe ladder *richo999



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Bowazons are definitely viable in Hell. They probably won't mow down critters on p8, unless they have really expensive stuff, but if you can settle for less she can be very effective. I mostly do Pit Runs with my strafer and she does fine with Lycander's Aim non-upgraded!!

I'd say Strafe is the way to go, much better than Multi in my opinion, but choose 1 skill and stick to that, otherwise you're just wasting points. About the passive skills I usually only put 1 point there, you can usually squeeze in 3-4 +skills in your equipment taking them to acceptable levels. Then perhaps put a couple of points in Critical Strike/Pierce/Penetrate.

A Valkyrie is a must have, the more points the better. She is an awesome tank, and if you get enough +skills (prebuffing might be a good idea) she can actually do some damage too.

A good bowazon build is Strafe as main attack skill and Freezing Arrow as backup against PI's and as killer crowd control:)

Edit: Be sure to get a Might mercenary, preferably with Reaper's Toll, the Decreipify will help a lot against Physical Immunes, and add to your damage generally.


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I don't really play HC anymore, so I'll just give a quick reply regarding hell bowzons in solo 8players SC:

Bowzon can't handle all areas in the game in 8pl, even with the best gear available. Good MF areas are the Pit and Flayer jungle.
Really the cheapest gear that can do something solo in 8pl is -
- Windforce weap shaeled
- Fortitude armor
- Laying of Hands gloves
- Highlords amu
- Ravenfrost ring1
- rare leech ring 2
- some useful unique/rare boots (Gore riders/Wartravelers preferred)
- Nosferatu's coil or goldwrap for belt
- Mavinas diadem/Giant skull 2x15% ias jewels

And lots of dex (300+) + Might merc with Reaper's Toll/Shaft/Gaze (or Andy) to handle some Physical immunes.

This gives you 120% ias to reach the breakpoint as well as nice dmg boost from dex/layings/fort. Since you play HC you'll probably need those ~20 life small charms to get more life.

Maybe you can try M'avinas set also, but I heard it's not so great in 8pl Hell games.


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freezing arrow is good, @2-2.5k fully synergized cold splash damage. that's about the only decent one out there. useful for parties as well. i haven't tried pumping it with the various cold damage items out there, such as nightwings or cold facets, but it kills fine with moderate eq. the main problem i have with it is that the phys part seems to disappear and refuses to leech, but the cold part continues to come out very dependably.

regarding ms vs strafe: i've tried both, and i still like MS better, even at lvl 5. with the same eq, ms kills faster. it seems that the way it works, it bypasses AR. therefore, on my zon, since i use goreriders, ms kills faster.

also, having the chance to compare buriza vs wf, buriza is way more effective. as you know about nextdelay, speed doesn't really matter as much. compound this with 100% pierce from buriza, and imho, you get more hits overall with a buriza strafe, as every arrow has the chance to hit every monster.


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i'd chip in my hardcore point of view. keep in mind that i DO NOT trade for runes, but consider myself wealthy in legit terms (i can acquire whatever unique there is in game, but i choose not to)

this was my latest bowazon build (i'm very eccentric in my choice of items)

wf (shael'ed)
twitch (ias)
cats eye
kiras (70%, open)
natures peace
war travs
nos coil

not so max resist in hell (all around ~40 with some res all charms in stash)
800 life with oak from natures peace

i almost did all of hell solo, except where i chickened out and got some help in parts of a5. i did up to ancients way solo, but the ancs themselves and wk2 were just horrendous if i tried to do them solo. for example, 1 hit from ancs got me to half life, gloams got 1/3rd life every hit, etc.

she was good up until a5, but i wouldnt take her all the way (if i had to do it another time).

oh, and she is terrible for 8p games. it was hard enough soloing 1p, i cant imagine it in 8p. oh and another note: she was terribly good for mfing chaos 1p, mubh better than all my other chars. except she doesnt have teleport, so my sork is still faster (but more dangerous)


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Also, I'm mainly interested in hardcore, so if you have any particular hc-oriented thoughts then I'd gladly take part of them.

In my experience, a bowazon doesn't do enough damage for 8-player hell games, even with WF and a whole lot of IAS, and I've tried both multi and strafe. Does anyone have any other experience with this?
I solo'd to lvl92 with a Witchyzon in season 1 and no she didn't kill very fast in hell, but she did kill and more importantly, she stayed alive. I feel the key to her sucess was her defence ie.1000+life,KB, max FR/LR,lvl18 Valk, and a defiance merc wielding a Reapers.Still she had a hard hitting anything with strafe in act5 dispite her level18 penetrate (5700AR), so I changed her gear for that act swapping her Tals armor for a Duryshell and her razortail for Tgods. This allowed her to "chant" herself with a Demonlimb. In retrospect I should have gone with a might merc.

This season I've managed to get two "untwinks" to A2 NM and A2 Hell and a pretty well geared Harmonyzon to A4 hell all solo. The untwinks were mostly FA, but the Harmony was a strafer. PIs are not a problem for Harmony users.


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my babe

hi.. i am playing a hardcore ladder untwinked amazon. she's level 85 hell. all items that she wears are self found/crafted in her game.

tals mask...socketed ias/ed
laying of hands
unique runebow .. socketed shael
amulet amazon skills+1, 20resist all, ml, ll
rings..2 crafted rings all with ml,ll,resistances
armour. act5 nightmare purchased armour from larzuk. 1340 godly
greaves of substance. 38cr,30frw and 90%less stamia drain
imortal kings warbelt
6 cold charms
lots of various resist charms

f/l/c resists, all these are in the 60's
poison resist is -2
strength 180
dex 140
life 1200

fa 22 / some points in ca and ia
cs 22
piece 12
at rating 22
guided arrow 20

she users ga on her normal shot and fa on the secondary shot.
the only problem that she suffers from is being frozen. but thats just the game for not giving me rf....yet.
she still has her act1 rogue with her. both are progressing nicely.

have fun with your build.


I think a witchyzon can easily solo hell if she is built well (in PvM 90 ias = 9/2 strafe is enough, leaving many options for equip). However, she might have problems in 8p games. The wws also comes with 40 res all, very handy in hc :clap:

IMO Strafe > Multi, unless you have a Faith bow.

My strafer is wearing:
170% upped wws (shael, ias/max)
Andy (ias/max)
Scarab husk Fortitude (was wearing 2ias spirit forge until I could afford the forti)
Rare ar/res/leech ring
Hitpower 20ias/leech/res gloves

ar/max/life charms, 3xpassive gc, complementing resist, anni.
Might merc, wearing upped shaft, eth Andy (Ral) and great poleaxe obedience (saving up for a pride). He only ever dies to IM.

With might, her strafe does ~900-1900 dmg. Add to that ~100% deadly + frequent amplify damage. :thumbsup:
Life ~1100
Res in hell: 72/75/80/85 (yes i am paranoid, want all my hc chars to have max res in hell regardless :D )
She can solo hell, although baal can take some time. She killed clone too. She rarely takes a beating, can't even remember the last time she was below half bulb.