Bowazon in a party

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Hey. I have a friend who is a massive fan of bows in fantasy games, and we might be going for a duo D2 romp somewhere down the line. Now I know that Bowazon is not a top tier build and we're going untwinked, but I know that Strafe/FA can be fun. I'd like to come up with a nice, supplemental build to run along the Bowa that would bolster her damage and make her shine a little bit.

So far I came up with:
Fire Sorceress - everything into Fire. Crowd control and damage type versatility goes to the Bowie. Can Enchant her for bonus AR and damage output.
Conviction Zealot - untwinked might feel a little useless, but the aura would be great, and I could mix him with Templar or something similar to give more utility.
some Assassin - I feel like Lightning Trapper would be a little overshadowing, but Martial Arts could be nice for some frontline presence.
Barbarian - for BO and frontline presence; though his support is mostly defensive in nature, so not necessarily helping the Bowazon shine all that much.
Werebear - Heart of Wolverine and good frontline presence, but I've just played one and I don't know if I want to go at it again.
Javazon - for a thematic game, but I feel like Java will outshadow the Bowa.

Got ideas?


I like the fire Sorc idea, or the Barb to tank and use Find Item - especially since you're going untwinked. You can give him something with Crushing Blow to take out bosses fast, even dual wielded Crushflanges should whittle down any boss' life pretty darn fast.


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My thoughts...

Fire Sorceress: Enchant on the bowazon is great, but neither of you will be able to tank much. If your friend doesn't mind taking it slowly and spamming Guided Arrow, this could still work. Valkyrie could serve as a tank.
Conviction Zealot: A favorite of mine, but not something that shines untwinked. Your aura would help, but your own damage output would be lackluster.
Assassin: Using Shadow Warrior alongside Valkyrie could be fun. Dragon Talon doesn't need amazing gear to work. Blade Fury could be effective too. I agree that a dedicated trap build would probably overshadow the amazon.
Barbarian: Shouts help a lot, and you'd be a good tank. It's not flashy, but it would be one of my top considerations.
Werebear: Playing an untwinked werebear is miserable for me, but your mileage may vary.
Javazon: In my experience, you'd easily outshine the bowazon. You guys would get somewhere in Act 3 Normal before the gap would become painfully obvious.

Other ideas...

Fanatic Zealot: Yeah, the whole overshadowing problem would apply here, but you'd be a passable tank and your aura would be a real boon to a bowazon. Your damage would be all melee, so it's not like your friend wouldn't be hitting things.
Bone necro: Depending on the circumstances of how much effort you expend hunting for gear and how luck you get, a bone necro would probably start to overshadow a bowazon (this is largely dependent on the specs of the bow being used, as none of the other gear worn by either of you is going to matter as much). But you'd have the benefit of necro curses, bone walls, a golem tank, and magic damage to bring down resistant monsters. Both members of the team can strike from a long distance (with homing missiles, if necessary). It could be a resilient partnership.
Wolf druid: Untwinked, I find it to be a more dynamic, less tedious tank and frontline fighter.
Spearzon: Unlike with javelins, you won't leave your bow-wielding friend in the dust with massive damage that kills everything on the screen. But you can potentially make a great tank and boss-killer. I've never tried it untwinked and I'm apprehensive about the prospect. I do think that it could be done right, though. People tend to discount spears because Lightning Fury is awesome and because spears preclude shields.


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A strafe bowazon with witchwild will put curse everyone one the screen with amp damage, which breaks a few phys immunes and has magic arrows for if they stay immune, though in a party you shouldn't have to use that.

Spearazon was hard enough on single player through hell, there is a bug with fend they never fixed, stick with a Javazon. Still, making something like a Silence spear should be easy enough and there are some decent runewords that can fit.


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Enchant is great with exploding arrow. The enchant damage gets carried on over to the exploding arrow splash damage.