Bowazon help needed!!


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Bowazon help needed!!

Ok, due to the untimely death to my conc barb, (I hate im) I am left with a ton of useful gear. I currently have a FA/strafe zon that is using the whole M'avina set but I think I can do better. Before I get ahead of myself my zon stats/skills are (base)

Cold Arrow-6 (maxing)
Valk-20 (Saves my butt in HC)
then one pt in everything else important

The gear I now have access to is:
SOE(near perfect)
COH Archon
and a zod and vex that i was going to make a botd zerker axe with but now I want to make a bow.
What I want to know is what gloves, helm, and belt I should use, and what is the best BOTD bow to make for my zon and where is the best place to find it.


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mukie said:
what is the best BOTD bow to make for my zon and where is the best place to find it.
Since, for Breath of the Dying, you need an item with six sockets, your choices are limited. Bows and Crossbows cannot be ethereal.

Crusader Bow; 97STR, 121DEX; Damage 15-63 (39 Average); Base Attack Speed 10
Hydra Bow; 134STR, 167DEX; Damage 10-68 (39 Average); Base Attack Speed 10

For a Hydra Bow, it seems your best bets are (only in Hell difficulty) Blood Lords, Blood Temptresses, Death Lords, Greater Hell Spawn, Defiled Warriors, Hell Lords, the Minions of Destruction, Unholy Corpses, Venom Lords, and the Warped Ones that spawn with Colenzo the Annihilator. Your best bet is to kill everything between Worldstone Keep Level 2 and the Worldstone Chamber. Of course, don't forget the Defiled Warriors, which are Pindleskin and his pack.

A Crusader Bow belongs to a slightly easier set of monsters, has lower requirements, and does the same average damage at the same base speed. Oddly enough, Hell Bovines have the best chance to drop one, are easy to come by, and appear in huge numbers. It's almost like Blizzard wants you to use a Crusader Bow.


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Id seriously consider trading zod or vex for a wf...cheaper than botd and better in my opinion...also go for highlords for sure deadly strike is great. [Shael wf= 40%ias shael botd= 60%ias wf is like 100-200 more dmg depending on lvl]


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Would Call to Arms be viable for a Crusader??

I have a Sup 5 socket Crusader Bow. With 6 sockets being max, 5 sockets would have to be found. Just curious as to viability.


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if you can make a crusader BoTD, go for's much harder to find a Hyrdra bow with 6 sockets. WF has never let me down yet, and it's a great end game bow...maybe trade those runes for other, valuable items?

For ammy I'd go with Atma''s probably the best choice for a Bowazon, given the chance to amp your damage, and you should already have CS pumped to at ;east 50%. Amp Damage, especially with FA, triggers fairly often and drops the baddies like flies.

Boots, go with Goreriders. CB, DS never hurt anyone... except the baddies :)