Bowazon % chance build


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Bowazon % chance build

I've been looking at the Skystrike bow, and I thought up a build based off of it. Pelase let me know what you think (yes, I know this would be severely underpowered compared to just about anything else, this is just for fun)

10-15 multi
5 strafe
20 valk
20 decoy
~10 pierce
1-5 penetrate

Skystrike (maybe upgraded) with a socketed shael
3-sock helm with 3 jewels of fervor
iceblink with socketed jewel of fervor
2 rings of 8% chance of chain lightning
amulet of 8% chance of chain lightning
some random boots

The idea is to use valk, decoy, and hireling to keep enemies away from you, while you freeze with iceblink and use the 120% IAS to help activate the Proc items. I'm wondering how the amulet and rings of chain lightning (or the Skystrike and Hellmouth) would stack. Does it add chances, or does it check each chance, allowing for multiple meteors/chain lightnings to happen on one hit?


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One thing you might look at is using a carrion wind ring instead of one of your chain lightning rings. This will add a 10% chance(iirc) of casting twister with your attack, and also adds a chance to cast poison nova if you get hit, which goes well with your build.

I've seen some builds based around this principle, and while they aren't all that powerful, they are fun to play, and impressive to watch(at least if your computer can keep up with all the animations).


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Yeah, I was looking at the Carrion wind, but with my luck, it'll be years before I see one. I was also looking at Atma's Scarab for % chance of ampilfy, since a level 8 chain wouldn't cut it past act 3 norm, and it would make her much more of a party-friendly person. Problem again is my crappy luck (my only finds worth mentioning are vipermagi, Titan's revenge, and Griz heart, out of 3 months playing)


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carrion wind is cheap. Like you could probably get a pair of two 9% with a lem rune on east/ladder. Lem isn't that hard to get either with 3 hellforge quests.


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Just got her to 30 and went out with skystrike and a chain lightning ammy. after 3 quivers of arrows (about 5-8 minutes, it's surprising how fast you go through arrows with just 60% ias), I noticed that chain wasn't going off. I switched to a random club I found on the ground, and within 10 strikes, got a chain. Apparently, "on attack" doesn't work with bows... grr... looks like it's Atma's Scarab and dual Carrion winds for me...


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I have attempted builds base on getting hit with "%chance to cast" and crafted with 5% frost nova as a set mod seem to be a good way to go. but you 8% chance to cast sound fun also. You may wanna get some other skill in there. I am not sure how the % to cast items stack but its not 8% + 8% + 8% = 24% chance to cast and the slvl is not stacked. +skills do not help it either so you will be at the slvl 5 (IIRC) chain lightning.


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My Bowazon wears a Wisp Projector ring and it fires quite often.
10% Chance to cast Level 16 Lightning on striking


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Not to correct you, but the % to cast mods are called "procs". My friend made a paladin purely based off these and then tried an amazon; seemed like a very fun build, he got the amazon to level 89 before he quit.

Edit: You might also want to consider how the procs work with the bowazon. Do they come out of your body or the weapon when it hits? If most of your procs are via yourself, you might want to ensure you have a bow with a relatively fire rate and may want to take MS over Strafe if you're wanting Strafe.


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I can totally relate to this thread. I was going to do the same thing... I love playing weird builds... particularly Bowazons.

My build was based around chance to cast on striking and when struck. I had made the following equipment choices.

Infernostride Boots - Blaze when struck
Hellmouth Gloves - Firestorm and Meteor on striking
Hwanin's Armour - Static Field when struck (plus 100 life and PR)
Thundergod's or Snowclash belt - FoH or Blizzard when struck
Andariel's Visage - Poison Nova when struck
Skystrike - Meteor on Striking (Goldstrike FoH or BotD poison nova would be options too, but I love Skystrike)
Carrion Wind Ring - Twister on striking and Poison Nova when struck
Wisp Projector Ring - Lightning on Striking
Atma's Scarab - Amp Damage on striking

Darksight Helm would be an option too with Mana Steal and Dim Vision when struck.

I have most of the items except the belts and Wisp. And I have yet to find a Skystrike worthy of the upgrade runes. I have only found a 159% ED so far...

But I like the idea. :)