Bow zon


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Bow zon

Soooo... I got bored of playing on multiplayer, and converted to single player ;), and am currently making a bow zon.
My question is, what kinda skills are good for single player bow zons, ie. skills that do not need insane items, or insane lvls.
Im gonna spread some out over the passive skills as well.
Overall any advice'll be appreciated.

Also what kind of stats should i focus on. Does dexterity increase the amazons damage...? or am i confusing that with some other game. Can't remember....


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yea i need some help on this to i'm building a hc untwinked strafer and was wondering if i should just get enough str and dex for gear somewhere in the range of

90 str
150 dex
vit rest

or should i make more a concious effort to increase my dex

any help for the both of us would be greatly apperciated


I'm no zon expert, so what I'm about to say is what I gathered from reading these forums. A more experienced zon player will come along shortly to give you better advice...

My first suggestion is to check the stickied build guides and the currently very recent threads about amazons, namely this and this. I'm quite certain that you've already done that, so let me start...

A physical dmg bowazon is very dependant on a high dmg bow, as is the case with all non-caster, non-summoner characters. If you're going to play strictly untwinked, this will pose a problem. However, if you are willing to spend some time with NM Mephisto, he's bound to give you a few nice bows. Witchwild String is end-game worthy, although most of the others would do the job. If you can get the runes, upgrading exceptional bows will significantly help your dmg.

If, because you're not willing to take the risk of finding a decent bow, you decide to use the elemental bow skills, well, then you have to get +skills gear to do really decent dmg! Fire skills are, as I keep hearing, absolutely useless, which leaves you with cold skills (ie. Frozen Arrow). The bad thing about FA is, it's too mana hungry, and since your main dmg is not physical, you won't be leeching all that mana. Anyway, for an effective FA zon, you need +skills.

Now let's talk a bit more about physical dmg skills, namely Guided Arrow, Multiple Shot and Strafe. Of those three, Strafe is clearly the most popular (GA is only a single target attack, and not a silly dmg single target attack like Berserk and Vengeance). The saying "Damage is king, but speed kills" is likely to be said for strafe. Here, you'll need a fast and high dmg bow, and preferably wear lots of IAS gear. 3 frame strafe deals more damage per time when there are few monsters, but 2 frame strafe has the safety advantage (you can't do anything until a strafe cycle ends). In your case, I'd play safe and go for the 3 frame breakpoint. Crossbows will be too slow no matter how much IAS you have, so if you're thinking of using a Buriza, go for the MS route. To improve your dmg, you'll need to invest in Critical Strike, and for your AR, Penetrate. Pierce is a staple in all ranged amazon builds.

Whichever path you choose, you'll encounter the immunity problem. This will be especially more bothersome with FA, since there are more CIs than PIs. You then have 3 options: a backup skill, good different-element-dmg on your bow, or running away. LF as backup seems to be the easiest solution, but you might end up being a LF zon with a bow skill as backup.

Now the stats... Str for gear, nothing in energy; that's easy. For dex vs vita, people have differing opinions. Dex increases your dmg and AR, which let you leech more and help get rid of baddies quicker. Life, on the other hand is essential for any build. With slow, knockback and cold dmg, as well as your tanks, you can keep monsters away from you, allowing you to go with low life; but you will definitely get hit by ranged attackers, and the strafe lock might leave you vulnerable. For untwinked HC, I'd say go for vita, at least until you get good equipment and feel safe with your current life bulb. As someone else recently said here, all the dmg in the world won't help you if you're dead!

Good use of your minions (Valk and Decoy), a well-equipped merc, adaquate use of potions and safe strafing should be enough to give you an enjoyable strafer experience!


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I played a bowazon all the way through hell recently, untwinked and she is lvl 85 now with only 650 life, negative resists and 195 stats unspent, and 24 skill points unspent, you don't need insane gear, just mana leach high dmg bow really. I maxed multi-shot, valk (17 was not enough for complete tankige) and penetrate with three points into pierce. Not hard and great fun. Though now I do have lots better gear for her, she was still a blast to play.