Bow on a Ranger


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Bow on a Ranger

What do you guys think the better bow on a ranger would be?
Widowmaker or Faith?

The pros i can see for widowmaker is that with guided arrow, extra dext becomes irrelavent as you will always hit.

Pros to Faith are that you will have Fanat aura (very nice for hitting the last bp) and much higher dmg (i think, going to check now)

My Ranger will look like this
20 Holy Freeze
20 Salvation
20 Resist Cold
20 Resist Lightning

He will be wearing a Dream Helm (reason for resist lightning), a widowmaker/faith, fortitude, and a 20ias knockback gloves.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :smiley:


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I will much prefer Widowmaker. It has GA and if you max holy shock and resist lightning, you will do respectable damage. Conviction can come from infinity. :laugh:


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You should use lvl 20 resist lightning, lvl 28 conviction and wear dream helm and shield.

This will give level 30 holy shock with -150 to resists.

Your conviction will break light immunities just like infinity does. It will boost up your holy shock damage by huge amounts.

if light resists of 75 % take 25% damage. Conviction will take that to -75 so it will take 175 % damage. This is 7 times the damage.

You should also use widowmaker with guided arrow over any other bow. The main advantage is that you can fire it in the general direction of the bad guys and even off screen and it will hit. This is a huge advantage. Try to max your IAS to get lots of arrows in the air.

I would also use a fast weapon and shield on switch. Any weapon that is fast will work for this build. Wizard spike is pretty good because of the resists and because it is fast. Cresent moon and Grief on a phase blade are awesome.


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Well.... I cant really use both dream helm AND shield while using a bow can I? Theres no doubt that dream + synergies = more damage, and thats actually my plan, to use holy shock + holy freeze as well as some physical damage to kill my enemies.

Seems that people seem to prefer widowmaker rather than Faith, so I think ill buy one for him. Thanks guys for the help and any other suggestions are welcome! :smiley:

Niortimus Dryskol

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I have actually made this EXACT build before, and I must say I really miss it, was a fun build. I didn't care much for the Dream helm, I usually used a Nightwings with a cold facet in it personally. My damage was about 5k Guided Arrow (with Holy Freeze on) and 11k with Holy Shock on. I'm sure you know this already, but some don't - with Guided Arrow you don't need attack rating, so go with + to skills, like Bul Katho's rings or a couple of SoJ. I used Highlords amulet for the attack speed and +1 to skills, since let's face it, Deadly Strike won't add huge damage with a Widowmaker. If you have any other questions, I'll do my best to remember back to when I had him up :)


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5k with Holy Freeze on? Nice, I was thinking that I would get much lower damage, but its reasurring to see that the Ranger can get his damage up there as well.:smiley: