Bow for strafer


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Bow for strafer

After a long think I've deicded to remake my strafer from 09, dunno what to use though :eek:, what's a good strafer bow in 1.10, I don't really want to spend a small fortune on a Faith, thanks.

Edit: On second thoughts, what's good equip to use in general :D.


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If you don't want runeword bows then your only other reasonable options are Windforce, Upgraded Lycander's, Upgraded GSA, Upgraded WWS (my fav), Upgraded Buriza (11/3.5 strafe ain't bad due to "next delay").

Helm: Tal's Mask or Andy's Visage, maybe Delirium (no IAS though)
Ammy: Highlord's or Cat's Eye, Atma's isn't good enough IMO due to lack of useful secondary mods
Belt: Razortail for 100% pierce (65%+ skill) or nos coil to get another 10% IAS to hit a higher breakpoint
Boots: War Travs, the +15-25 damage is godly when multiplied by things like dex, skills, might merc, etc. MF and stats are sweet as well.
Gloves: Laying of Hands > Anything for pvm bowazons. +350% demon damage is awesome for worldstone runs or pit runs or chaos sanc as well.
Armor: Chains of Honor, Duriel's Shell, Twitchthroe, Lionheart (awesome for its price), Duress, ed/ias armor, plain IAS armor

For a +10 base speed bow 9/2 strafe is necessary for a nice killing speed, i think 9/2 for +10 base is 120% IAS

For a 0 base speed bow 8/2 strafe on something like witchwild string (WWS) seems necessary in higher player # hell games, this also requires between 110 and 120% IAS, not sure.


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Gotta go with Windforce. Just got Faith, Brand, and Wraith on an Anni trade and all of them rock, pretty much in that order, especially with mercs Pride polearm & Fortitude armor.

Faith rogue merc + your WF is best overall physical dmg & speed

Pride merc polearm + your WF is best overall physical dmg, but need to add some equipment for speed, like Mavs helm with IAS jewel, Highlords, Nof's belt, LOH.