BotD ias quick question


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BotD ias quick question

Okay i have noticed that with a 60 ias zerker i have problems getting off the first hit .. yes i shift fury and yes im pretty good at it, but it seems the inital attack frame is just so slow that even w/ range if timed wrong shift fury becomes a pain to get.

Also I have been using a war spike and i notice that 90% of the time i get the first hit in which usually leads to the reason i win ... is the inital attack from on war spike faster than zerker ... cuz i actually perfer to use war spike over zerker. Although i pick estar over both :D .

I can use dragoons calc but i never learned how to translate it into inital frame all i can do is calculate the overall frame.
well nice to meet u voice and i read your article earlier last night on the forums going to waste. And well i was a pally fanatic but i slowly move to druids. First i wouldnt use a 5 frame or even 6 frame weapon. I would go to a 4 frame= Fastest Attack. This would lead to more attacks and possibly more dmg. I dont know if u can afford but if u can i would get a 4 sock Griz Caddy and 3 ed/ias Lo it. I tried this and it has around 195-200 max dmg with good min dmg. Also i have seen a robo zerker before with 5 ed/ias and a sheal which is 95ias which is the 4 frame bp for zerker. With this if u get a superior one if possible you can have up to 215ed for dmg refer to fury zerker if u cant calculate cuz it will be close to the actual dmg. I hope this helps out for you


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Thanks for input masta-djay .. btw i have both of them weapons and i must say that the Botd tends to do better than the robo-zerker, however i dont know about the caddy i made it and never around to getting it off of the mule and onto a druid, i'll look into that sometime in the near future. However my goal is to become one of the better legit druids in east while using estar ... i have been using that lately since i have let all my friends borrow all my pvp weapons but estar.

estar is just to adictive ...

my reasoning for bringing this up is b/c that i think that if you can get the inital attack more often w/ spike ... it might be the better weapon since i've noticed in duels w/ really good melee druids the druid who gets the first hit in tends to have a better chance to win.

also its hard to neglect the potential of a eth BotD zerk. when it can get up to 8-9k damage 1 handed, even if it is 5 frames.
your right the dmg on eth botd is addictive but i dotn know if its 5 frame it could be 6. ill have to look that up and estar well isnt that kinda slow for druids i seen soem pallys own with estar tho

Oh and trust me ull fall in love with the deadly on caddy my old wolf druid was a deadly strike druid he had 68 deadly and soemtimes i wore gilums face which gave even more


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A botd zerker is a 5 frame fury w/ an initial attack of 9 frames.

Voice message me on aim sometime and I'll check the initial frame on a warspike or explain how to check it.

I've used a variety of weapons on my wolf (robo-zer, 1.09 gris caddy, non eth botd zerk, eth botd zerk, ffk, even a few duels w/ a cmsoq and a cfkoq).
Generally I've found than an eth botd zerker is worth the loss of speed because of the massive damage (but a non eth isn't). I can do 4.2k max w/ a robo zerk or 3.9k w/ a girs caddy. Then like 5.5k max w/ a non eth botd zerk, and 7.8k max w/ an eth botd zerk. So from my experiences unless using an eth botd zerker I prefer a good 4 frame weapon.

And yeah it seems like first hit makes a big difference.
(also voice I wanna duel you sometime soon, try the new caddy setup i have on OaknMyth. I haven't tested it against any eth botd wolves yet).


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BotD Eth War Spike V. BotD NonEth Zerker
Higher Min.................. Slightly Higher Max
Potentially higher Max..
Faster first hit(maybe)..
Looks cool.................. Looks Cooler

Usually Lower Max........ Much Lower Min
Not widely as known.... Slower Base Speed

there it is :)
anyway... bring it on Myth, i got my new botd (it's a non eth zerk :mad: )
I miss my Eth War Spike BotD :(


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well I checked the initial speed on a botd warspike. And its the same as a botd zerker....

So there is no speed advantage.

Also bd one more difference in the 2:
warspike = range 2
zerker = range 3


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:clap: :clap: :clap:

sup myth ... when did you start posting on here???

yea i dont know when i'll be on again .. tormorrow or so maybe tonight but doubt it ... i got a another test tomorrow, but i'll duel you when i get on :D