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Botd, death and beast

Discussion in 'Trade Values' started by c64flash, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. c64flash

    c64flash IncGamers Member

    Jun 24, 2003
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    As they do not appear in the price list: what are the prices for a low botd, death and beast in Berserker Axes ? First two eth offcourse.

    Thanks !
  2. Archone

    Archone IncGamers Member

    Nov 22, 2010
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    First of all, the bases arent worth the same.

    5os BA ~3-4 ists (iirc)
    5os Eth BA ~10 ists
    6 or 0os eth BA ~2-4 ists

    Add the rune value.

    Beast ~Hr+Ist
    Death ~5-6 ists
    BotD ~11-12 ists.

    A perfectly averaged roll of the ed, steal, and str of these runewords should be worth the base+runes. Fair, right?
    Should now be about:

    Beast ~Hr+ 4-5 ists
    EDeath ~15-16 ists
    EBotD ~13-16 ists.

    I know its hard and expensive to get a high rolled Beast, and you rarely reroll BotD due to the "close to non existent" Zod runes.

    Imo, based on the above evaluations, a low roll of each rw should land somewhere here:

    Beast ~8-10 ists
    Death ~11-12 ists
    BotD ~5-6 ists.

    Since Death is relatively cheap to reroll, they tend to be even cheaper with a bad roll, then compared to the other two rw's.

    Feel free to correct me!

    Peace and love

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