Boots Only PvP kicker?


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Boots Only PvP kicker?

First off: What boots should I use? Gore riders or Shadow Dancers? I probably can't get either, but if i can, what should they be?
(i'm making this char completely untwinked btw)

20 Dtalon
20 BoS
1 Dflight
20 Mind Blast
20 Shadow Master
Something else

It'd be tricky, and i don't think i'll win any duels, but if i do it'd be cool

Dimmu Borgir

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I would use upgraded Gores, you get the same kick damage as Shadows but with added stuff like Crushing Blow, which works with kicks.

Shadows are more for trappers IMO.


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No max Talon.

4 Kick sequence max for PvP.

Aim to switch between Gores and Shadows as needed if possible. take advantage of the dex and fhr on shadows to optimise you're build. As in Storm with Shadows and Spirit with the Gores.

This way you get the str from Storm to use the Shadows, you make up 30 of the lost fhr from Spirit, and you save dex from the shadows for max block for the Storm. You will also find the OW from Gores to be more useful when you are using spirit (caster killing) than when using Storm (melee).

This is of course only applicable if you are using a shield varient (most kickers are though so should be helpful).

If you are a claw / claw varient, or for some (unknown) reason don't want gear switches, then Shadows are the better all round benefit.

Shadow Skills, 30 fhr, dex and nice kick damage are better than some small OW.

Edit: also, 20 in BoS = totally newb waste.

For a start Fade is > BoS in most cases and secondly 1 base with + skills is in 99.5% of cases sufficient for the bps needed.


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arbe...i'm only using boots...
but yeah, i'll only use 4 kicks i don't know why i have 20 pts when i don't plan to have +skills from anywhere else, and i like BoS, this is basically a Glass Pea-Shooter, so BoS > Fade, i'm basically planning to mindblast then dflight then dtalon away, it's going to die all the time, like every time i try to kill someone, but it'll be fun

Von Lazuli

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Don't forget trap-stun!

1 point Wake of Fire
1 point Mind blast...

That will make your suicidal PvP character slightly less likely to get taken out in less than a second.



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Using nothing but boots?

If you are I suggest you burn your D2 c.d before you do something even more crazy from the fact that you will not kill anything.

Lazuli: Any character is > base speed traps and mindblast casting :thumbsup:

Von Lazuli

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Not no FHR Sorcs and zons!

And afterall, that is probably all he is going to have even a small chance against with this char.

I suppose you are using charms?



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no, just boots

i just realized this is a really bad idea, well, i knew it was bad before, but i realized i wouldn't have any fun with this, i had just watched a bunch of random *** naruto amv's on youtube for no reason whatsoever and i was pumped for a ninja-like character, but now i realize it's retarded.


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You'd be surprised how much a good gameplayer player can kill on a low budget kicksin, especially on ladder with so many mfers and half built characters.

Unfortunately there are some things you can not kill on a very low budget, such as the average barb or smiter. If you want a chance against melee characters, build your character around max block ss and hope for the best, this becomes difficult to impossible the lower your budget is.

That in mind, you can choose to build your kicksin pure c/c for a better chance against casters, but then you will get completely destroyed by barbs/zealots/smiters. Those are things to keep in mind when designing your kicksin.

Against casters, your main priorities on a low budget are max resists, 86+ fhr, and 42+ fcr.

For a very low budget (can be bought with pgems on an untwinked budget for the most part, dancers aside) caster killer setup, I recommend:
malice claw
jade talon
trangs gloves
angelic ring+ amu
tgods (string of ears if you can't get)
peasant crown
shadow dancers <- kinda hard to get if you're starting up, but get them as early as possible. Up'd gores are possibly easier to make yourself on ladder, but they arn't as good of a pvp choice. If you find yourself unable to get either, low treks will still pk casters.

After that get yourself a wizardspike/stormshield so you can switch up when necessary.

You can improve on this basic vipermagi build with arach belt, kiras and another angelic ring, and options to switch up to cats eye/ dwarfs/ravens/wisp sorb. Sorb just because you will be picked on. cat's eye cause you need mobility without enigma.
note you need a replenish ring for malice. But it's worth it.
Get a cta if you can.

Build wise get 1 ls and 1 wof for stunlocking. 20 mb. That is key for caster dueling.
Damage comes from 100% ow/20 venom, get shadow gcs if you can. ow damage is level based, try to get your kicksin to 85+ if you plan on high level dueling.

As mentioned in this thread a high kick number is a bad thing in pvp. High talon level means higher ar however, which is why I think a 3 kick burst isn't enough for pvp, but that comes down to preferance. Aim to hit the kick level before the next kick: slvl 17 talon for 3 kick bursts, slvl 23 for 4 kick bursts, slvl 29 for 5 kick bursts.

Rest of your skill points should be between weapon block and shadow master. Try to get +df or ls on your malice to save you skill points.

If you want to go to a higher budget build, I recommend you seek out and read AcidRane's kick/firetrap hybrid guide.
However that's something that is a step above an untwinked budget, below the multiple runewords "low" budget bracket.

High budget kicksins builds/variants are a world away from this but this is what I would recommend as a starting point if you have little to nothing to work with.

edit: lol didn't expect rant to get this long. but yeah if you want to try a ninja char for fun, this really low budget variant stands a good chance vs ladder pub casters, granted they arn't of a much much higher budget bracket, or skill, but don't expect many skilled pubs. ;p
outplay them. think ninja. don't get hit.