Bonesnap Question


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Bonesnap Question

How much dmg would a perfect (300%) double-uppd bonesnap do?

Also, if spawned ethereal once upgraded will it lose its eth property?

Thx in advance!:thumbsup:


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Ogre Maul does 77 to 106 (91.5 Avg) damage. Multiply that by 4, for your 300% ED Bonesnap.

It will remain eth when upgraded.


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Ogre maul base damage is 77-106, so etheral that means 115-159.

With 300% ed that make 460-636 .

I am still waiting to find one myself .


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I think a Windhammer is better. Even though it deals about 1/4 less damage than a perfect, double-upped Bonesnap, it has a whopping 60% IAS and more %CB. They cost just a few pgems, i.e. far less than just the upgrading runes for bonesnap.

It's a nice leveling weapon for an IK barb, although I prefer Steeldriver for that (to be upgraded to exceptional at L34), because of -req and IAS... CB isn't really needed before hell mode.