Bonemancer Questions


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Bonemancer Questions

Hey guys. I'm slightly new to the forums (only being a member for less than 24 hours :hide: ). I am an exclusive Necromancer and Assassin player. But I have never played the Bone skill tree for the Necromancer. I would really like some help on knowing reasonable equipment. I am not a professional, so I don't really have any "pro" items. I'm looking for help on tactics to killing monsters and bosses. . . especially bosses :rolleyes: . I would also prefer the information be for playing single player or playing without higher level characters aiding you (I don't know what that is called, haha). Anyways, I need general information on the Bonemancer. Oh, I am playing PvM, I think that information has an effect on the replies i get:laugh: . Thanks in advance for the help.

soul killer

Ah, welcome to the Bone Necro club.

Bone Nec is a very powerful build, both PvP and PvM.
For PvM you need: 20 Teeth,Spear,Spirit,Bone Prison and 1 in to Golem,GM, Decrepify, Bone Armor and CE.

Just use Spear on targets that are in a line or a close formation, Spirit on Bosses who are slowed by Golem and Decrep'd, Teeth on those little Fallen camps and other hordes of monsters wih not alot of hp.
Bone Prion is very nice at holding off monsters while you Spear/Teeth them.


Gear wise its not that expensive:
Shako- Pul
Enigma- 2-3HRs (Use Trangs armor if you dont mind walking)
Magefists/Trang Gloves- Pgems
Hoto- 2HRs (Use Boneshade is cant get Hoto)
Waterwalks- Pgems (Sanders boots are very nice and affordable too)
Rare/Magic Necro or FCR Ammy
Rare/Magic Ringz with FCR
Torch- HR for a low one.

Yeah i think thats it, Good Luck with you build man.


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Thanks for the help, soul killer, but just another question. What strategy should I use for Norm Duriel? I have always had trouble with Duriel when playing single player. Sorry for all the questions, I just don't want to waste my time getting to NM and then finding out I did it all wrong.:wink3:

(Note: Knowing me, it'd probably take me a long time to get Enigma (Jah, Ith, Ber if I am correct.))

Ed from Russia

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Easiest is to be lvl 24 before taking on Duriel, so you can use Decrepify. If necessary level up at Arcane Sanctuary or in the tombs

1) Stock up on mana potions in town before entering Duriel's chamber
2) Open a town portal for escape - sometimes things go bad
3) Cast Decrepify on Duriel
4) When your golem is about to die, cast him (on the opposite side of Duriel) to make sure he stays busy.
5) Keep shooting Bone Spear until he's down.