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bonemancer:comparison of shield& vs other

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by paul leung, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. paul leung

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    bonemancer:comparison of shield& vs other

    For a bonemancer,there typicallly 2 shields that we are looking at c:Spirite(monarch) and Storm Shield(monarch also)[ss].
    While spirite offer a lot of useful mode:some resist(except fire),+2 skill,35% fcr,55%fhr,it require hugh amount of dex to max block,so you can only choose to go all vita.
    SS:provide 35% phyical damage reduce(pdr),43%phr if ber, which every importmant in duel with phyical damage attacker.
    However,if you choose to build your bonemancer with spirite,you will lose the ability to stack hugh resist when against sorc and Foher.No pdr when against all sort of physical attacker.
    In pub duel,you will very likely to come across them at the same time.You will like have the ability choose what shield to use accordingly,ie: 4 perfect sap
    monarch when against cold sorc etc.Using spirite as the backbone of the build,you will find your life very,very hard in pub duel.To able to use SS,you need to get yourself a fcr circlet and ammy.So if you have access to them, then SS- build is far better.
    Some number and facts we must know in pvp: your damage is reduce to 1/6.
    1/12 of life damage will kick in Fhr, 25 frames per second(f/s).
    Useful break point(bp):FCR:125%(9 f/s), 75%(10 f/s)
    Bonemancer typically tele-shoot in duel,which is 9 f/s +9 f/s=18 f/s
    these is actually very slow whem compare to other builds.Assume all other common pvp build also can tele(which they actually do),let's look at their tele-attack speed(i only list there typical speed ,assume they were well build)
    Barb:11-10 f/s +4 f/s ww =15-14 f/s (14 f/s when singer)
    paladin: mage:9 f/s +9 f/s=18 f/s
    tele-smiter:11 f/s +5 f/s=15 f/s
    tele-zealot: 11 f/s + 4 f/s= 15 f/s
    sorc:8-7 f/s +8-7 f/s= 16-14 f/s
    druid: 11 f/s + 11 f/s= 22 f/s
    sin: 11 f/s tele,11 f/s mind blast, 9 f/s trap,4 f/s ww
    zon: no tele port but attack with 7 f/s high damage arrow
    And because bonemancer doesn't have any close range combat skill,low life, mid-damage,most of enermies will tend to name-lock(nl) tele-attack us.
    Life comparsion

    ps:when sorc use energy shield(es) is like adding an extra of 3000 life(fast- regenate mana).

    Blockable attack:physical(ww,warcry,mind blast,arrow,charge),foh

    Skill that able to stun enermy:smite,mind blast.
    enermy that can block magic:claw/claw sin
    resist require in some case:425 for cold sorc(-100 hell penalty,assume high lvl
    of cold mastery,jewels)
    325 for foh(-100 hell penalty,-150 convition,75% resist)

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