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Bone Necromancer

I recently went out on a limb and made a necromancer using only the poison and bone skills, asside from decrepify of course. I didn't solo with this character; I knew it would be impossible, so I partied with a friend, where he made a wind druid. Niether of us figured that the party would be very successful, but we were wrong. With my maxed out bone wall, bone armor, and spear, I was better than any defensive merc. The moment a large number of people came near us, a wall went up to buffer any attacks against us. Scarabs in act 2 were harmless because none of the charged bolt could reach us. My friend would stand beind my wall and cast endless amounts of tornado if he were in danger too. My question is, has anyone else done something like this and if so, how did theres turn out? I'm just looking for a few pointers here. Irony of all ironies, this is my best hard core character; lvl 53 or so in act 5 nightmare. My party and I would be further if my friend handn't died last night. Let me know what you think and if you have any advice or questions. I'm willing to tell you what I know about the character.
Just to let you know, wind druid and bone mancer are now 2 of the most powerful builds right now, probably in the top 5. You have to look forward to a very easy to play char, as well as your friend the wind druid. Not sure what pointers you want, but check out the druid/necro forums for guides.


Yep. Bonemancers are so incredibly powerful it's not even funny right now. And wind druids own all except hamerdins.