Bone necro PVM - gameplay tips


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Bone necro PVM - gameplay tips

I've started a bone necro and still in a1 normal, but having a blast. Really fun, since I have never made a single bone necro in 8 years. :wave:

So I'm gonna be pure PVM and looking for some gameplay tips, the guides are for pvp.

With summoners crowd control is easy since monsters are caught up by your skellies. Then just CE groups of monsters. With a bone necro you don't have that.

I'll have a merc and I figured a clay golem could work too (1 point in revive?).

So I guess you should learn to use bone prison/wall and then minigun away with bone spear?

What's the main curse to use? Amp for CE or more crowd control curses like Confuse or Attract?

This will be fun! :yes:


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Re: Bone necro PVM - gameplay tips

Amp is your best curse (for CE and merc) but Dim Vision is nice too. Cast it on a crowd and then you can take out the enemy without worries.

You will almost certainly want an Insight on your merc for mana. A boner goes through mana like crazy. I have found that a Prayer merc combined with Insight works really well. They feed off of each other to keep your life and mana full.

You can check out a pvm boner I built here.

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Re: Bone necro PVM - gameplay tips

Jimmah, I'm currently running a SP PVM Necro through Hell Act 3 at Players 3. He is single-pass, untwinked, SC. Started off with an Act 2 Defiance merc and traded up to Holy Freeze in Nightmare.

I made the decision to put 0 points in curses and rely upon +Skills wands for Decrepify or other essential curses - so far I've only used Decrepify once, vs Hell Duriel.

1 point each in CG, GM and SR, I use a shopped +Summoning skills wand for pre-buffing.

A bonemancer needs to place as many points as he possibly can into his bone skills, to ensure they are fully synergised. I've managed to max BW, BPrison, BSpear, BSpirit, 1pt in BA and I'll be pumping Teeth until I run out of points. 1 pt only in CE (I only use it for corpse disposal, not as an offensive skill - I know, I'm weird that way :) ).
BW and BPrison can take the place of your curses, they've been very effective indeed for me so far. Nearly as good as DV, I reckon, and they work against bosses/champions, too. I swamp the monsters with Prisons or Walls and they stand there, whacking away at them while I Spear 'em to death.

FCR is very important for this build - meeting the next breakpoint is more important than an additional skill point or two in BSpear or BSpirit ... IMO.

Mana is the big drawback, at least early on. Blue pots get emptied at a crazy rate. If you are able to make and use an Insight pole for your merc, do so as soon as you can!

Do a lot of shopping for suitable wands, you can often find a decent blue, and if you blitz Normal Drognan, you may find a suitable candidate for a White wand. I did, I'm just waiting for an Io rune to drop (I have two Dols already).

A synergised BA (mine is up to 670 and my equipment is very poor!) is a tremendous help, freeing up stat points from Vitality, if you so desire - but make sure your resistances are up to scratch as elemental attacks will hurt you if your dodging and evading skills aren't fully developed. Don't forget, one pt only in BA as it benefits more from synergies than from points in the skill itself.

I'm finding my bonemancer to be incredibly robust, considering he's untwinked and has 195 unspent stat points (at clvl 85). Give him some decent equipment and maybe a high-block shield and he'll be totally unstoppable!

Good luck and have fun with what can be a thoroughly enjoyable character! :wave:

@Wizdomm - aargh, pwnd! Excellent guide and looks a very effective build.
My bonemancer is trying to beat the game with only the stuff he finds and via single-pass, with restrictions on Curses and CE - just goes to show you how strong this character sub-class can be :thumbup:
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Re: Bone necro PVM - gameplay tips

Sweet, thanks for the info both of you. Got some reading to do. :)

I'm right now starting act3, lvl 21. He's very fun to play so far. :thumbup: I'm pretty much untwinked, just started on new ladder and all. :)


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Re: Bone necro PVM - gameplay tips

I would get bone prison as soon as possible because it's my favorite skill during boss fights. Later in the game with max bone prison, you can put one on the boss and he won't be able to do anything for the rest of the fight.
Especially Duriel is easy with bone prison.
So try it you'll like it, I'm sure you will.