Bone necro and ubers


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Neurofuzzy said:
I guess this has been asked before, but can a bone necro do ubers solo?
It has been asked but so has lots of other things lol. No they can't. Ubers regenerate too fast.


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im thinking its possible...since summoners use udars (CB and a merc with CB to take down the ubers) so i don't see why a boner couldn't do the same...the only thing might be crowd control with your skeles..if you have any...but terror should help with that...right?...then decrep +clay and let the revives/merc go to town....sounds just like the summoner plan....


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I was thinking of crowd control using bone cages! That means, arrest everyone inside a cage but the boss for 24 seconds each time. Than kill boss and move to the next one...


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Good luck! I really doubt you could keep all those bone cages going and actually do damage to the ubers at the rate that the minions spawn!