Bone Advice

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Bone Advice

Well, I have started a summoner necro and i'm really liking the uber skeles. My one problem is that i'd like to be more interactive and get into the killing too. Yes, I know most summoners love using corpse explosion but I was thinking more along the lines of Bone Spear or Spirit(I'm not sure) If anyone has any advice on the matter please post. Heres my current skills

7 Raise Skeleton
8 Skeleton Matery
2 Skeleton Mage
1 Clay Golem
1 Teeth
2 Bone Spear
1 Amp Damage
Any Advice on skills would be appreciated:laugh::thumbsup:


its not a good ideea,for bone spear and bone spirit you must max all synergies and all points because in firsts points it doesn't have a lot of good dmg


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of the Undead!

The summoner is one of my fav characters to play, he's very forgiving of mistakes in skill placements and has the ability to run just about everything untwinked and unaided.

But to get back on topic, you could just get a few pieces of the Trang's set (I think I have the gloves, belt and armor). This allows you to cast fireball & firewall so you can 'be more active'. When doing Baal just slap a decrepify on him then 'fire away'!! I find that my Baal runs speed up quite a bit when I'm doing that. :wink3:

Good luck and Good hunting!

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Since you've already put 2 points on Bone Spear, you might want to make the best out of it. Check out the Summoner/Bone hybrids in the Necromancer Guides section in the stickies. Such a build is a very active, fun, and challenging (lots of multitasking) build. One thing to note: Bone Spear and Bone Spirit only do equivalent damage at extremely high skill levels, which is out of the question right now because achieving that requires pure dedication to Bone spells only and nothing else. For your situation right now, one example (don't quote me, this is just one example out of tons of possibilities) you could do is put:

20 Skeleton Mastery
10 Raise Skeleton
10 Skeleton Mage
3 Amp Damage or 1 on Decreptify + prereqs
1 Corpse Explosion
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Mastery
1 Summon Resist
1 Teeth
10 Bone Spear
20 Bone Spirit
10 Bone Wall
10 Bone Prison

This can be achieved at clvl 90 and with the remaining points after level 90 you can pour on your Bone Armor's synergies, pump your summons, or strengthen your ranged attacks.