Board Crashed!!


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Might have something to do with the Democratic primaries in New Hampshire today--sime kind of Dean or Clark conspiracy.

Liter Soul

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While it is unfortunate, I'm going to go ahead and say 'YAYYYY!!!!'. I don't have to read 30 bazillion posts now. I just have to make sure I keep up this time.


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Ermmm... someone please say they've got the contents of the FAQs archived somewhere... or that all we lost were just the links, not the contents...

Kolor Klown

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whoa, that sux, all posts gone :(. Was gonna read that FAQ thing to find out what helm to use for my nerco, well I hope everything gets better.

-Klown :( (the klown frown at last)


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Figures. The board crashes right after I post my intro thread. I knew I should have gone on as a lurker...

In all seriousness though, hopefully this doesn't discourage new members from joining.



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Nay, i think in fact it'd encourage new members to join. We've just had a whole wealth of history blown away. Loss = bad. But also means a chance to start something new, so...

Can't say i like it, but... well...

Hmmm i think Stargaze has just about everything archived away somewhere... hope he turns up...


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Here to stay!!

Hey Im new.. well actually Ive been a SP believer now for a whole day!! Woohooo.. Too bad about the threads.. but ya know what were a community ... we can rebuild .. bigger and better and more powerful UNTIL WE RULE THE WORLD. BAHHAHAHAAHHAHAH!!!

....ahhh sorry about that ... slamming health potions all day tends to sends my body chemistry out of balance.. hehe



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i think a moment of silence is on order for all the old threads..................................................... OK. you can now return to your normally scheduled party. :yep:


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oh this is just great....

Let's hope the guides are back there soon...I'll check if I still have the trading FAQ somewhere on my comp, along with some other useful stuff

edit: does anyone of you have any of the guides printed or saved? I'm sure I have some of them...could try to bring them back that way, even though it's "a bit" slow that way...

edit 2: guides I have backed up (in printed versions):
NF's 1st version of the skellymancer
Vega's Meteorb guide
Cyrus' zealot guide
Cyrus' avenger guide
Ragnarod's hammerdin guide + the additional thread about it (skill allocation)
Jek's lightning zon guide

not at home now so can't be sure what I have in my internet cache files (hopefully some others aswel...)